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My Life in Books


I found this little questionnaire over at Drown in Melancholy.

Pick a book that starts with each of your initials:
Finding a title was actually more challenging than I anticipated. I don’t actually own anywhere the first two words start with ‘C’ and ‘H’ so I did some random word-searching on Amazon and found Charnel House. Here’s the description:

Perched on the plateau at the top of a hill named for the hickory trees dotting its slopes, the abandoned house broods over the tiny Alabama town called Belleville like a rattler guarding a clutch of eggs. The townspeople below rarely think about the house anymore, but at night they may visit it in their dreams, black visions filled with screams and blood and almost-seen faces leering out of the darkness at them. The lines of the house have skewed over the decades, and its supports grown weak. Where it once stood straight and true it has sagged and bowed. But still it remains, ageless and timeless, watching. And sometimes, it feeds.

Not sure it’s something I’d ever pick up…

Count your age starting at the top of your bookshelf. What book is it:
My 26th book is The Witch’s Trinity by Erika Mailman – I’ve yet to read it

Find a book that takes place in your country, state, or city:
I decided to pick Massachusetts and I selected Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes because I remember really enjoying it as a kid.

Pick a book that represents a destination that you’d love to travel to:
This is tough because there are many places I’d love to travel to, but I’ll pick the Sailor Moon manga series because I’d really love to go to Japan (and I totally wish I could be friends with the scouts).

Pick your book that has your favorite color on it:
It’s hard to decide between purple and blue but…

Which book do you have the fondest memories of:
Also challenging, but probably the Goosebumps series. I read so many of them and I also used to enjoy drawing the cover art too.

Which book did you have the most difficulty reading:
Well, a book that I actually wanted to read and couldn’t get through was The Once and Future King – it just wasn’t making much sense to me and it was a lot…sillier than I expected. Merlin just kept turning Arthur into different animals to teach him a lesson but it wasn’t at all interesting. After putting it down I tried to give it another shot about a month later and still just couldn’t get into it. I hate to leave books unfinished,  but I had to abandon that one.

Which book on your TBR pile will give you the most satisfaction when you read it:
As you may be aware, from a previous post, my actual TBR pile is INSANE. However, I try to keep up what I call a ‘priority TBR’ pile, which is constantly fluctuating. I’m really looking forward to Ready Player One and I’ve heard good things about it, so hopefully, it won’t disappoint!

*cover image from Google

7 thoughts on “My Life in Books”

  1. I love the quiz. My 1 is kill the messenger 2. The Canterbury Tales 3. Is House of Night. 4 is Cinder I would love to see New Asia in person. 5. Is the green in Graceling 6. Is Charlottes Web my mother is a teacher and would read that to me yearly. 7. Is Flowers For Algernon. 8. Is the Scarlett Letter.


    1. Cinder is another book in my priority TBR that I’m looking forward to. I love fairy tale retellings and I’m hoping that I really enjoy it! I definitely remember reading Charlotte’s Web a lot as a child too.


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