Life of a Book Hoarder

Boston Book Tour

I have a few reviews to post – but I’ve been on a little vacation while a friend is visiting from Maryland, so I’m going to put those off for a few more days. I wanted to give a little update on what we’ve been up to however…which is shopping for more books!

On Saturday we went to Boston and visited 4 different bookstores!

We started with Brattle Book Shop, near Downtown Crossing, which is my favorite bookstore in Boston. They’re a used bookstore with something for everyone – every genre, newer and older books, as well as a rare book room (that I’ve never been in because I don’t want to tease myself by looking at books I can’t afford.) They even have a wonderful alley outdoors that’s filled with bargain books.

Yes, we took our picture outside each store :] Bonus Sweetbeeps reflection.

After our purchases at Brattle we went to Commonwealth Books, which actually has two locations – naturally, we went to both!

Then we finished up the day with my second favorite shop, the Brookline Booksmith! They sell new books upstairs (along with an assortment of stuff n’ things such as paper goods, bookmarks, socks, scarves, jewelry, etc) and used books downstairs! It was my first time checking out the used book section and I was pleasantly surprised.

We also found a Barnes and Noble location I’d never been to and tomorrow we’re off to two more shops! What a wonderful vacation!

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