Life of a Book Hoarder

Book Tour Part 2 – Not in Boston

To finish off our little vacation, my friend and I visited two more local bookstores!

The first was the Shire Book Shop, which was actually recommended by another friend – this place was way bigger than I imagined! They’re in a warehouse/factory type building and their bookmarks claim they have over 150,000 used books!

This place was cluttered and homey,  but very overwhelming. There were piles of books everywhere, some shelves filled with books for display, others filled with vintage books waaaay out of our price range. Shelves towering above our heads! Mostly I just stared in wonder – hardly even reading the spines. I seemed to forget every author I was in search of.

The staff (though few) were very kind – they have free tea! The woman behind the register even wrapped our hardcover book jackets in a protective plastic sleeve (which is actually what I do to all my hardcovers when I get home). I definitely want to go back, with a printed list of books/authors that I’m looking for in hand.

Next stop was Bearly Read Books, which was way closer to my house than I knew! It’s a cute little gem, also very homey and cluttered, but with beautiful high-backed chairs. They also profess to be able to find any book for you – anywhere in the world! – but I haven’t taken them up on that offer yet.

It was an excellent vacation, especially for book junkies like us!

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