Life of a Book Hoarder

The TBR Pile: How Do You Do It?

To Be Read piles – I think we all have them (and if you don’t, what’s your secret?!) and I’m curious to know how you manage yours. As I’ve mentioned before and I’ll totally mention again I have over 400 books that I OWN that I need to read. And I’m constantly acquiring more, so that number isn’t likely to go down anytime soon.

I keep track of all the books I own and the ones I need to read on Librarything. What I’ve done is make myself a “priority TBR” – a little list written on a post-it that I keep in the cover of the little journal I log my reading progress in. It’s constantly changing based on review copies I might receive, recommendations from friends, new books I really want to get to, or old books that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

I went a little crazy on Netgalley recently, so I have quite a few e-books to read before they hit the shelves, plus some new and old purchases that I’m just dying to get to. But I might add items to this list at any time, or completely disregard what I have scheduled next. I’ve always been horrible at planning out what I’m going to read – I  see people who post their TBR lists for each month, and even if they don’t complete their list, they usually seem to stick to it, order-wise. I’ve never been able to do that. I’ll change my mind at a moment’s notice when it comes to what I’ll read next.

Right now my little post-it has 24 titles on it, with room to spare. Now, I’m not giving myself any time limit, this is just the order I want to try to stick to. Wish me luck!


How do you TBR? Are you a list-maker like me? Do you keep it all in your head? Do you even try to plan anything out, and if so, do you usually stick to your plans?

7 thoughts on “The TBR Pile: How Do You Do It?”

  1. Being a broke college student helps the most with my tbr pile. I can’t afford to buy as many books as I would like therefore my tbr isn’t humongous.I have about 25 unread books and that number seems so overwhelmingly large to me.


    1. Do you read them in any order? Like oldest purchase to newest? Or just jump around? To clarify, I’ve had some of these books since I was a teen and still haven’t read them. This is like, my life’s worth of TBR. Haha it’s crazy.


  2. I have a huge list on Goodreads for my TBR. I also keep the priority books on an isolated shelf next to my bed. I really want to use librarything, but they have a limit for the number of books shelved, and I don’t want to pay for more room.


    1. Yeah I paid back in 2011 when I first signed up for librarything. Not sure what the cost is now but I paid $15 for a lifetime membership and unlimited space. For me it’s been worth it


        1. Yah, no pressure! I was late to goodreads, so it doesn’t reflect all of my books. I tried to upload my list from LT and not everything transferred. I like the social aspect of goodreads though. It’s like Facebook for books.


  3. Every time I get overwhelmed by the books I “need” to read I make myself a reading list (kind of like your post its). Mostly the list consists of the books I want/need to review that month. I also have a google calendar with my posting and review schedule (I can get a liiiitttle OCD about that stuff) so that also helps me decide what I need to read and when. Luckily I’m a pretty fast reader and I don’t really “mood read” too often, so this system has been working out for me so far! I’ve never checked out Librarything but it sounds handy!


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