Book Review

Book Review: Pinny the Bowling Pin


Pinny the Bowling Pin
By Leah Ward

My Edition:
ARC e-book, 14 pages
2014, Leah Ward
ISBN: 9781502382542
Expected release date: November 21, 2014

As you may be aware, yesterday I posted a little interview I did with Leah about her new book, which touches on anti-bullying and being true to yourself, by following the tale of Pinny, the bowling pin who almost never falls over.

First, let me just say this book is so cute. The illustrations are simple, yet detailed in a way that made them look…well, soft! It sounds strange, but I wanted to reach out and touch them; I feel like they’d have a nice texture. Yes, I’m weird.


This is obviously a short book, so my review will be brief as well. In only 14 pages, Leah manages to discuss how Pinny has trouble falling, begins to doubt his destiny as a bowling pin, dreams of bigger and better things, experiences bullying (and mild pin-on-pin violence, which shouldn’t make me giggle, but it did a little), and then finds a burst of self confidence and realizes he’s in the right place all along. Whew! She packs a lot in, but it works well. I imagine that writing a children’s book can be a struggle, especially when dealing with issues like self-doubt and bullying. There’s the desire to send your positive message,  but keep the book simple and enjoyable for the young ones. I think Leah accomplished this and I enjoyed her unique approach via bowling pins.

If you’ve got a little one at home, this book is worth checking out. The text is simple enough that this could even be used for early readers.

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