Judging A Book

Judging A Book By Its Cover: Alice in Wonderland (III)

This is my weekly post where I choose to appreciate a book for its cover art or overall design – to me, a well designed book is like a piece of art. We all judge book covers to some extent. Personally, it’s usually a title/cover combination that pulls me in when I’m browsing in a bookstore. I can’t say that I’ve ever decided against a book with terrible cover art if I liked the sound of the plot, but I have purchased special editions of books, or multiple editions of books based on their cover art. If book covers didn’t matter, publishers (looking at you, Penguin!) wouldn’t put out so many beautiful editions!

Sadly I forget where I bought this book – or maybe it was a gift! Either way, it’s lovely, though not in the best shape. The binding is fragile, but I love the yellowed pages and it has an amazing book smell. I really have no clue how old it is, but there is a note written in cursive (which I’m terrible at reading) and it’s dated 1910, so I figure it was published before then. The title page says it contains “forty-one illustrations after John Tenniel”, so I assume that means he drew them? But maybe someone was imitating his style.

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