Book Review

Book Review: Paris

By Andi Watson
Illustrated by Simon Gane

Not My Edition:
Paperback, 144 pages
2007, SLG Publishing
ISBN: 978593620813

From the back of the book: Juliet is a penniless American art student in early 1950s Paris, painting portraits of socialites and sharing a flat with a revolutionary bohemian to make ends meet. She’s not expecting romance, but this is Paris after all, where both inspiration and love abound. When she’s commissioned to paint Deborah’s portrait, Juliet thinks the young British woman is just another rich girl. But Juliet and Deborah’s love for art bring them together, even as their friends and family try to drive them apart.

The cover art pulled me in initially and I figured the story would be cute – it was. In less than 150 pages, and fairly minimal text, Paris covers the struggle of doing what you love versus what’s expected of you, discovering your sexual identity, and juggling love and friendship. If I’m going to be critical, I’d say the plot was a little underdeveloped and the relationship between Juliet and Deborah seems to just appear. But overall it’s a nice read and I love Gane’s art style. The line work appears simplistic but many of the scenes are fairly complex and have a lot of little details that are easy to miss. On panels that took an entire page I found myself scanning them, Where’s Waldo style, looking at all the details so as not to miss anything.

I wasn’t blown away by the story or the art, but I did enjoy it.

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