Austen Month

Austen Month

I don’t normally plan a TBR pile for each month. Instead, I have a little post it note inside my reading log with about 30 titles written on it, and I try to work towards crossing those off, but usually I end up reading something that isn’t on the list.

Lately, I’ve been growing my Jane Austen collection, and not just with more copies of her books. I’ve decided it’s time to do a little catch-up and I picked February, since her books focus on relationships and romance, and well, February has Valentine’s Day.

I’ve given myself a list of 5 books, but I may add more, as I have some more Austen related books coming my way soon. Or, on the other hand, I may not get through these – I’m not going to stress about it, as this is just for fun.

My plan is to read, in no particular order:

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Emma by Jane Austen

Minor Works by Jane Austen

Lost in Austen by Emma Campbell Webster

Sense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope

If you care to join me in my quest of reading anything related to Jane Austen, please let me know! Leave me a comment here, or on my Instagram. I’ll be using #AustenMonth if you want to tag your own pictures for me to see.

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