Book Review

Book Review: Parasite

By Mira Grant

My Edition:
Paperback, 502 pages
2013, Orbit
ISBN: 9780316218924

It’s 2027 and the Intestinal Bodyguard™ has become a common household name. It’s a helpful parasite administered by SymboGen, tailored to its individual host to administer medications and generally keep the body healthy. Sally  Mitchell suffered from a nearly fatal accident six years prior, yet was brought out of her coma thanks to her own Intestinal Bodyguard™. However, she’s suffered memory loss, and with no knowledge of her prior life, has slowly been building a new one under the watchful eye of SymboGen. Now when people suddenly start becoming “sleepwalkers” and attacking those around them, Sally wonders if there’s something about these parasites the public isn’t being told. 

To put it simply, I loved this book.

This is my first time reading anything by Grant, though we own her Newsflesh series. I was sucked in instantly as the story delved into Sally’s years of recovery after her accident. She had to relearn how to be human, basically – motor functions, speech, reading – and was still struggling with many social norms. She’s closely monitored by SymboGen because she has the potential to become their new poster child since it’s believed her parasite saved her life.

The plot builds up slowly, but I couldn’t shake the constant feeling of foreboding and I loved that Grant was giving me the creeps almost constantly. Something freaky was coming and it loomed over me the whole time I read. I was able to guess at what she was building up to (and perhaps I was supposed to) but I was excited to find out my prediction was correct. I don’t usually read medical sci-fi, so all the talk of intestines and parasites squicked me out, but it all added to the vibe of the book.

I can’t wait to pick up the next book. If you’re interested in medical science fiction, you should read this book. Get your Intestinal Bodyguard™ today!

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Parasite”

  1. Yesss, so glad you liked this book – I haven’t read it, but I remember when it first came out and I thought it looked interesting – def going on my To-Read if it’s not already!!! 🙂


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