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Cover Art

I’m back from my recent bookcation, which I’ll talk more about soon, and I still have books on the brain (wait, don’t I always?) I bought a lot of books last week and was tempted by many more, especially the vintage ones.

I’ve said before (and it won’t be the last time) that I love older sci-fi and fantasy covers. There’s just something magical about the fantastic scenes and powerful men and women, or the freaky, unexplainable images.

Maybe the appeal of vintage cover art is similar to that of vintage cars: there are some elements that aren’t replicated these days. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy modern covers, because I do. I just think that vintage books have a certain appeal and I always find myself pulled to them when at used bookstores.

Do you have a preference for cover style? What elements of cover art pull you in?

8 thoughts on “Cover Art”

  1. Hi,
    I loooove older sci-fi and fantasy covers too. Most of them are pretty awesome. I love the older Philip K. Dick’s books covers around the world. I also like minimalist covers, but when there are vintage illustrations is so much better.
    Ademar Júnior


      1. Yes, I agree. Usually I don’t like photographic covers or movie’s poster as covers. Here in Brazil we have some amazing publishers its always do an amazing job with sci-fi/fantasy/horror covers and the editions at all. 💚💚💚


          1. Did you see that cover of the brazilian edition of Jaws by Peter Benchley on my Instagram (@cooltural)? I love our covers for Star Wars novels. I finished to read Jurassic Park today, I really enjoyed that, and the cover and edition are so much amazing. 💚


          2. I see jaws I believe, because you had another book with a guys face right? Lol. I also like your edition of Jurassic. It’s simple and nice.


  2. Yes, I do. I really really loved Jurassic Park. I wanna see the movies again and the new one for the first time. 💚


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