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Bookshelf Tour

Hello bibliofriends – recently I was able to purchase a couple more bookshelves which freed up enough space to reorganize all my shelves (well, somewhat), so I decided to do a tour and show you around.

I enjoy seeing how everyone organizes their books. I love the rainbow look, though I could never do it myself because I can’t bear to separate authors and series! I apologize in advance, as some of the pictures are low quality – some areas of the house just have really poor lighting.

These are the two new shelves and they’re filled with our favorites. I was able to fit a lot more books on them than I expected, though I wish they’d come with 6 shelves instead of 5 because it left like, two large shelves at the bottom of each that were hard to fill without creating crazy towers. I’m really pleased with how I managed to organize them though.

This shelf used to hold my Tanith Lee collection, but it was insanely overcrowded, so now we just keep some mass markets on there.

This isn’t a shelf,  but it’s a place where I keep books and one of my favorite places in the house. Love those Penguin clothbound classics!

This is my mini-library setup since it’s the room with the most shelves. I have my Alice collection here (complete with a lovely print from a friend) as well as most of my Jane Austen books.

This is my favorite shelf, which I lovingly call The Beast. To many, this may still look like a crowded shelf, but I used to have even more books crammed here when we first moved.

It’s not a great photo, but this is what the shelf used to look like.

My Hobbit collection used to crowd the top of our DVD shelf, but now I’ve simplified it to a little vintage rainbow.

Last, but not least, is my vintage collection. This shelf is still pretty crowded because I’m trying to keep all my vintage editions together. A few tomes are sitting atop my desk as well.

Hopefully you enjoyed my tour! Do you keep your books in any particular order? I keep author’s together, and I do have some book genres grouped together, like comics and manga, vintage book, reference/non-fiction books. Someday I’d like to alphabetize our collection by author, but I’ll need a lot more room for that!

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