Life of a Book Hoarder

It’s A Book Thing!

I was on a mini-vacation in Maryland this past weekend, and while it was a brief trip, my friend and I still managed to go book shopping. Er, well…not so much shopping, as we visited The Book Thing in Baltimore, where all the books are free! Yes, free!

The Book Thing is a wonderful little volunteer-run place where all the books are free. They’re donated by businesses and people who just don’t want their books anymore (in fact, my friend dropped off two boxes on our way in). They’re sorted by genre and available for book lovers to pick through every Saturday and Sunday, rain, shine, blizzard or holiday!

If you’re ever in the area, they’re worth checking out. It’s a lot of hunting and occasionally grabbing a book before someone else gets to it, but I’m never disappointed in my hauls! If we weren’t flying home, we probably would have left with more than 16 books…but hey, they were free!

I scored a good mix of modern and vintage books.

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