Book Review

Book Review: Pride and Prejudice (manga classics)

Pride and Prejudice (Manga Classics)
Adapted by Stacy King
Illustrated by Po Tse

My Edition:
Paperback, 369 pages
2014, Udon
ISBN: 9781927925188

I just wanted to give this manga adaption a quick mention. It does a great job of capturing all the main moments of Pride and Prejudice, with that manga/anime flair. I loved seeing the chibi characters (Mrs. Bennet being especially prominent) mixed with the beautiful (if somewhat pointy) manga-style illustrations. I think the characters were portrayed accurately, with just a little extra flair.

For those of us who feel there’s a little something missing from the end of Miss Austen’s novel, they even include a kiss between Darcy and Elizabeth, as well as a double wedding scene and a little afterward as well. There’s also a ‘caught in the rain’ scene, which I’ve found movies love to include (because who doesn’t love to see Darcy all wet!?).

For fangirls (or boys!) and collectors of various Pride and Prejudice editions, I think this is worth owning. In fact, I’d love for Tse to do the other four novels (Manga Classics has Emma as well, which I will eventually have to get my hands on).

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