Life of a Book Hoarder

The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Bookhoarder

Are you new to the bookhoarding scene and looking for pointers on how to live up to your fullest hoarding potential? Well, I’ve put together a few tips to help you on your path to building a successful hoard of books.

  1. Love Books and Reading – this may seem like a no-brainer, but to truly build a fantastic hoard of books, you actually need to love them. And while you will probably never read them all, you should at least want to!
  2. Buy More Books Than You’ll Ever Read – it’s not a proper hoard if your TBR pile isn’t insanely long and probably impossible to ever read in your lifetime. You may think, “But I want to read all the books I own!” and that’s an excellent goal, but for a true hoarder, it means you don’t own enough books!
  3. Buy Multiple Editions – found a cover you love but already own the book? Buy it!  Already own three copies of the same book, when you find another beautiful edition you want? Buy it! Nothing says “bookhoarder” like a large collection of the same book!
  4. Invest In Your Collection – If buying books is your thing, budget your money for it. But don’t go broke! Bookhoarding is a life-long marathon, not a sprint, so don’t forfeit your rent money for a sweet collectors edition.
  5. You’re Not a Library – this is certainly a personal preference, but from my experience, when you lend books to people, they don’t always come back, or come back in the condition you gave them out in. How can you build your hoard if you’re constantly letting books out of your sight and maybe never getting them back? Of course, this is at the hoarder’s discretion, but the key to hoarding is holding on to all those books.
  6. Encourage Hoarding (and Reading) in Others – the best gift is to pass on your love of books and reading to others. When you know other hoarders, you can talk about your collections together, discuss books you’ve read, compare cover art and have someone to tell you “Oh, just buy it!” when you’re on the fence about adding yet another book to your collection. Plus, reading is magic and what better gift is there than to inspire a love of reading in another?
  7. No Regrets – this is possibly the most important habit. You cannot properly hoard books if you are constantly regretting large or expensive purchases or feeling guilty for owning hundreds (thousands!) of books that you may not ever read. This can also be the hardest habit to keep up with, as people who don’t understand your bookhoarding will often ask you why you’re buying more books when you haven’t read the ones you own, or why you need yet another copy of Pride and Prejudice when you already own 16 of them. But stay positive in the face of adversity!

I hope you found this list helpful – if you have any other tips or tricks to bookhoarding, please feel free to share them with me!

9 thoughts on “The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Bookhoarder”

  1. “You’re not a library”
    Lol love this entire blog but this piece speaks to me. I actually used to lend a lot of my books and then when I noticed some weren’t coming home I started a list of everyone who had a book and which book they had!


    1. Yeah it’s a good idea to keep track! There’s really only one person that I lend to right now because I fully trust her. I’d much rather buy someone their own copy of a book. Lol


  2. #8 You are buying new book cases on a yearly basis because of all the books you get. Nothing says “I love to read” like a wall of books!


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