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Read to a Child

When I started at the company I currently work at, I heard about this volunteer program, Read to a Child. Volunteers in the program would go to a local elementary school and read to a child once a week on their lunch break. That sounded awesome to me, but due to the position I had, I couldn’t rely on having the same lunch time so I never signed up.

This past April I switched departments and was given more freedom when it comes to when I take my lunch. So you can bet that I finally joined the program – and I’m so glad I did.

Read to a Child is a national non-profit organization that was founded back in 1991 focused on literacy – their belief is that every child deserves to have an adult that loves to read to them. I can certainly say that being read to as a child certainly fostered my current love for reading and I’m happy to have the chance to hopefully do the same for a young student.

I started with this program in October and part of what I love about this program is that I read to the same first grader every week (we’ll call him Steven), so we’re able better get to know each other and develop a bond over books. The other benefit is that this isn’t tutoring or teaching – I don’t have to teach Steven how to read, or ask him to help me read books (though of course, if he wants to join in, that’s great!) so there’s no stress or pressure on me. This program is simply to help him develop a love of books and reading.

I love children’s books, so I have fun picking out which books we’ll read each week and hamming it up with some silly voices and Steven gets to sit back and eat his lunch while having someone read to him! I would have loved this program at his age too, I’m sure.

The program runs the whole school year and if things work out and Steven wants to continue with the program, I’ll be able to read to him again as he moves into second grade.

To me, it’s very worthwhile spending a half hour a week to help spread my love of books and I just wanted to share that I’m so glad I joined this program. If you’re interested, you can learn more about Read to a Child here.

Do you have any literacy programs that you work with or would like to work with?

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