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August Wrap Up



In August I read 7 books, for a total of 2,502 pages and an average of 81 pages per day. I exceeded my page count from last month, but at this point, I would need to read 12 books a month to reach my goal and unless I get into some graphic novels (which I might), I’m not sure I’ll make that goal. But that’s ok! I read a few excellent books this month, but I’d have to say Chimera was my favorite.


The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell
First Sentence: My name is Uhtred.

Voyage of the Basilisk by Marie Brennan
First Sentence: Depending on your temperament, you may be either pleased or puzzles to see that I have chosen to include my time upon the Basilisk in my memoirs.

A few thoughts on Goodreads:

Riddle of the Wren by Charles de Lint
First Sentence: The town of Fernwillow was the picturesque consequence of centuries of unplanned and disordered growth.
Notable Quote: “I’m not angry. Just…a little sad that the world has touched us in such a way that we can’t look on such a thing and appreciate its wonder and its beauty without seeking some practical use for it.”

His Monkey Wife by John Collier
First Sentence: If thou be’st born to strange sights and if you don’t mind picking your way through the untidy tropics of this, the globe, and this, the heart, in order to behold them, come with me into the highly coloured Bargain Basement Toy Bazaar of the Upper Congo.

Chimera by Mira Grant
First Sentence: The recording quality is low, filled with static and choppy artifacts left over from the transcription process.

The Moon in the Palace by Weina Dai Randel
First Sentence: The day my future was foretold, I was just five years old.

Reviews to come:


The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar
First Sentence: Orphan came down to see the old man by the Thames.

15 thoughts on “August Wrap Up”

  1. So I haven’t been receiving my email notifications for your posts!!! This has been an ongoing issue. WordPress hates me! I never know whose notifications I am getting and who I’m not 😢 When you liked my post I realized I hadn’t seen a post from you in forever and my heart sank. I knew you were probably one I’m not receiving my notifications from. I’m so sorry! I hope you didn’t think I abandoned you! I’m going to try unfollowing and re-following you to see if that fixes it.

    I didn’t know The Last Kingdom was a book! My husband and I love the TV series!

    I really want to read The Moon Palace as I am fascinated with Chinese culture!


    1. Aww that’s ok! No worries :] I’m on book two of the last kingdom series now. Still going through some of what the show covered. I think you’ll like the series if you like the show, though I’m getting over the mental block of like “the show did this wrong” etc. And the Moon Palace duology was great. I finished book two the other day.

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  2. Hey there…although I’m absolutely biased because I’ve become addicted to collecting almost everything Image Comics publishes in paperback…you should totally give graphic novels collections a try. Even if you don’t end up liking the more comic-y ones that are compilations of single issues, there are so many different types of literary graphic novels out there. Also, the cover of His Monkey Wife is so beautiful. Happy reading!


        1. I put my review on goodreads for Monkey – it just wasn’t at all what I expected!

          No it’s ok! Lol. I figure if I can read some soon it’ll help my overall numbers for how many books I read this year. But I need to reread Saga and American Vampires cuz they’re my faves and I haven’t read the most recent issues. Gotta do a binge read. Heh.

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          1. I have not started American Vampires and I’m about 2 volumes behind in Saga. After the cliffhanger in vol. 4 I decided I’d wait till a few more had been released before continuing on…just in case there’s more cliffhangers at the ending of the next few volumes. I think after vol. 7 is released I’ll brave it and continue reading.


          2. Pretty sure the end of volume 5 of Saga had me going “what?!” Comics are torture though, so few pages and such a wait for the next volume! I highly recommend Vamps if you’re into some gore and history lol

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