Monthly Wrap Up

January Wrap Up



I kicked off the year by reading 11 books for a total of 3,648 pages and a reading average of 118 pages per day. A few books were flops for me, but Warbreaker makes it all ok because it’s now one of my all-time favorite books!


Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson
First Sentence: It’s funny, Vasher thought, how many things begin with my getting into prison.

Dark Castle, White Horse by Tanith Lee
First Sentence: Half an hour before, the sun had set, and the iron bell had rung in the bell tower.

Space of Her Own by Various Artists

Breath of Earth by Beth Cato
First Sentence: Ingrid hated her shoes with the same unholy passion she hated corsets, chewing tobacco and men who clipped their fingernails in public.

Gemina by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman
First Sentence: …over seven hundred thousand employees across dozens of colonized worlds.

A few thoughts on Goodreads:

The Flame Bearer by Bernard Cornwell
First Sentence: It began with three ships

Rat Queens vol 1-3 by Kurtis Wiebe

Books of Elsewhere: The Strangers by Jacqueline West
First Sentence: Houses are good at keeping secrets.

Review to come:

Strange Magic by Syd Moore
First Sentence: She hadn’t been idle, no sir, but the Devil sure had found work for her hands.

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