Life of a Book Hoarder

Under Construction!

Hi bibliofriends,

Just a quick note. You may have noticed most of my images are unavailable. That’s because Photobucket has decided, without notice, to change their user agreement to no longer allow free members (ie: me) to post their images to third party sites (ie: every other website). They’d like me to bend over and pay them $399 for one year of hosting that will allow my links to be restored and used here.

So, fuck that.


Until I get this figured out, things are going to look shitty around here. No matter what I decide to do, I’ll need to replace all my photo links (they are legion). Please bear with me while everything is so messy.

I’ll still post regularly, it’s just that many of my posts will no longer have images.

Thanks for understanding!

Also if you’re suffering the same fate, let me know; misery loves company!

6 thoughts on “Under Construction!”

  1. The same happened to me, but not one the scale as your blog, I think. I had a thing on my blog that said “Welcome to my blog” but then that pay for third-party hosting thing popped up. I had to remove it.
    It’s so sudden. I wondered if it was a change on WordPress.


    1. No it’s photobucket. They changed their user agreement so nothing you have on their site will show up on another site unless you become a paid member and only at their highest price point.


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