Life of a Book Hoarder

Providence Bookventures

My friend Melissa is visiting from Maryland (see us in the window above?) and none of our vacations together would be complete without some serious book shopping! I didn’t feel like venturing into Boston and there aren’t any other great used bookstores in the area (or even indie stores) so I decided we should take a trip to Providence, RI. We’re so glad we did, as it’s lovely and we found a couple great shops and places to eat!

Our first stop was Books on the Square – an indie shop with a great selection of middle-grade, but a rather poor showing in the fantasy/sci-fi department. They had some nice stationery too. I bought two books here.

Art near where we parked!

Next we headed to Cellar Stories, which I heard about on the Instagram account, FantasyBookCollector. So glad we went – a huge collection of used books from all sorts of genres! Sadly I didn’t find any new Tanith to add to my collection, but I did grab another ten books!

Ah, yes, my favorite genre: Anti-Optimism.

Had lunch and some fantastic beer at the Trinity Brewhouse.

Can you guess each musician in the painting?

This bakery and coffee shop was so cute and smelled wonderful and I definitely want to go back.

Macaron ice cream sammies! Sooo good.

My haul! So pleased.

5 thoughts on “Providence Bookventures”

    1. Yes, it’s illustrated! A hefty tome, but probably a quick read since it seems there are so many pictures. I’ll probably do a Judging post on it in the future.


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