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New Haven – A Book Shopping and Art Browsing Afternoon

This past weekend I was able to arrange a meet-up with my friend Nicole in New Haven, CT (home of Yale college, if you didn’t know) and I am so incredibly happy it worked out!

I met Nicole through Instagram – back when my page transitioned from a personal one to a book based one (though I will argue that it’s still personal and books are a huge part of my life and what I spend most of my time on), she was one of the first people I started chatting with. Over the past year or two we’ve bonded over a love of books and stationery hoarding. She used to run a used bookshop on the site with her husband, Ciro, and we transitioned from me ordering books from her to us writing each other letters. Since then, she’s become someone I consider a true friend and we talk regularly. She’s the third person I’ve met in person after becoming friends with on Instagram and it reminds me of how thankful I am for the book community and social media in general. See, it’s not all bad!

Ok, enough mush. We (Nicole brought her husband Ciro, who is also delightful) met up at Atticus Cafe and Bookstore on Chaple Street and had a nice bite to eat (I forgot to take a picture of my BLT but it was perfect looking) and an iced latte. Then we looked at books, of course, and Nicole and I bought more stationery because neither of us has enough. I actually remembered to bring a damn tote bag with me for once, which came in handy for hauling around my finds.

I didn’t buy any of the cat totes or notebook and I kind of regret that. Nor did I buy the lovely edition of the Brother’s Grimm and I also kind of regret that.

Ciro left us for the art museum while Nicole and I headed over to the Booktrader Cafe – this time a used bookstore, cafe combo. We had more coffee.

We also took a little walk down Chapel Street.

Finally, we headed to the Yale art museum to find Ciro and look at art!

I took way more pictures but didn’t feel like editing them all. I love museums, though some exhibits I tend to fly through while others I could stare at for hours. I love portraits more than anything else.

It was a wonderful afternoon spent in good company (and coffee!) and I certainly want to visit New Haven again – I spotted a sushi spot I need to try out, plus a couple ice cream shops! More importantly, it’s always rewarding to meet someone that you’ve connected so well with online and find that you connect just as well in person. Here’s to more meet ups!

My haul – I was super excited to snag Austen Cover to Cover for only $6! I also added another of the Penguin Shakespeares to my collection. Nicole gifted me with that chibi edition of P&P and I bought two middle-grade books from Atticus.

I also bought three cards and a pin from Atticus, the ocean at the door postcard from the museum, and Nicole gave me the Austen bookmark (we share a love of Jane Austen). She even bought her Polaroid with her and at the end of the day, we actually remembered to use it!

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