Monthly Wrap Up

October Wrap Up


In October I read 12 books for a total of 2,645 pages and an average of 85 pages per day. Of the 12, 5 were audiobooks – see, I’m giving them a fair chance – though I’m running out of ones I want to listen to that don’t have a million-week wait list. Sigh. I’ve also DNF’d a whopping 3 books this month! Hi-yah!

I’ve now read 125 books, which is my updated goal for the year. Huzzah! I shall keep reading, of course. Audiobooks have certainly helped my numbers, but I think I’ve still been making more time for reading this year than in the past.


Ironfoot by Dave Duncan
First Sentence: Eighty years before I was born, two of my forebears, housecarls of King Harold, the rightful king of England, died beside him at Hastings, fighting for their liege against Duke William’s Norman horde.

The Fireman by Joe Hill
First Sentence: Harper Grayson had seen lots of people burn on TV, everyone had, but the first person she saw burn for real was in the playground behind the school.
Notable Quote: “There’s something horribly unfair about dying in the middle of a good story, before you have a chance to see how it all comes out. Of course, I suppose everyone always dies in the middle of a good story, in a sense. Your own story. Or the story of your children. Or your grandchildren. Death is a raw deal for narrative junkies.”

Strange Weather by Joe Hill

A few thoughts on Goodreads:

The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Once Upon a Time in the North by Phillip Pullman

Tree Girl by T.A. Barron
First Sentence: “She danced with me, she did.”

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Austenland by Shannon Hale

Reviews to come:

A Man of Shadows by Jeff Noon
First Sentence: It was market time in Fahrenheit Court.

The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo

The Stone in the Skull by Elizabeth Bear
First Sentence: The mountain wore a mirrored mask.


How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu

Before the Feast by Sasa Stanisic

Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith by Shawn Hume

*cover images from Goodreads

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