Life of a Book Hoarder

Florida Vacation

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know I was on vacation in Florida earlier this month and these were the books I brought with me. Sweetbeeps and I went to visit his parents and it was warm and relaxing and lovely.

The weather was sunny and around 75 degrees every day – perfect!

I was happy to wear sandals all week and show off my tattoos! And by show off, I mean I stared at my own feet all day.

After a walk on the jetty, we explored the downtown area and bought some tasty truffles at Kilwin’s.

Sweetbeeps and I learned a new game – marbles – it was fun. I never won, but that’s ok.

I naturally made it my mission to find bookstores to visit and found two. The first stop was the Goodwill bookstore. Completely random selection, but all the books I found were in great condition!

We also went to the Mary Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota. I took a million zillion pictures because they were having an orchid show, but I just chose some of my favorites for the blog. If you’re ever in the area, I highly suggest the Gardens – the place is huge and beautiful, right on the water.

This sign made me laugh – I hate bugs too!

Sweetbeeps and I took a ride to Books-A-Million, which is a chain neither of us has been to before.  Their selection was decent, but I was most excited to find the Arcturus Sherlock editions (if only they’d had Pride and Prejudice!) and a lovely edition of Pride and Prejudice that I’ve never seen before.

We went to dinner at a wonderful hibachi place, which Sweetbeeps and I agree was the best we’ve had. I rediscovered my love of eel rolls.

We had a wonderful time and I read five books and started a sixth before we left. If only I could devote that much time to reading every week!


8 thoughts on “Florida Vacation”

  1. The Last Werewolf!!!! 🙂 it’s the first of a trilogy (but the first is the best one) Also there’s a accompanying music album of the same name by The Real Tuesday Weld, not a movie soundtrack…just music inspired/to go along with the first book…..I was a little obsessed with the whole thing about a year or 2 ago….

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  2. Looks like a great trip. I hope to go there next year because I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World and the Harry Potter park thing in Orlando.
    Love the pics (especially of the flowers and tree roots) but the ones of the lizards made me yelp. I hate them, hate them, hate them! Lol.


    1. Yeah we were two hours from Orlando and didn’t feel like making the trek or spending the money. But I’m sure HP land is pretty cool.

      It’s the tree crabs that freaked me out! But get used to lizards if you go. They’re friggen everywhere! We even had one in our bedroom though he stayed in a corner.


      1. Omg! Don’t tell me that. I was there in the summer and was screaming and running all the time because there were little frogs there too. I hate them also because they jump really high.


          1. Yea…until that one random one (there’s always one) gets confused and runs up your leg. That happened to my aunt once. It was the faster I’ve ever seen her move. I blinked and she’d jumped on top the couch. Dunno how she got there. All because of a little lizard.


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