The Twelve Days of Bookmas (Original Tag)

It’s Christmas here in the states, for those of us who celebrate (this should go without saying, but if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then happy holidays, and if you don’t celebrate anything at all, that’s ok too!  I hope you’re having a delightful December regardless!) and I figured for once in my life I’d do something seasonal.

This is an original tag I’ve created – or I hope so. In my Googling I did discover some tags related to this (annoying) song, but they were different from what I’ve created. If I’ve copied anyone, it’s totally unintentional!

Feel free to do this tag (my ridiculous commentary is optional.) You don’t have to celebrate anything to answer the questions; they’re not actually holiday themed. Wait, so is this actually even a holiday tag then!? Let’s not worry about that.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree (ok, but do partridges even live where pear trees grow?): A book whose plot and genre seem like an unlikely pairing

I’m going to pick a recent addition to my library for this, The Spark by David Drake. I haven’t actually read it yet, but the blurb makes it seem fantasy based, yet PageHabit sent it to me in my sci-fi box. Let’s see if my thoughts on this hold up when I (eventually) get around to reading it.

Two Turtle Doves: Your favorite character pairing (romantic or non, hell, you can even cross fandoms if you want)

Jenks and Kizzy from Angry Planet! They’re such a dynamic duo – I wish I was friends with them. They seem like they’d be a lot of fun.

Three French Hens: A chunky trilogy you love (hens are plump, right? That’s where I was going with this one, don’t judge me)

I want to say the Gentleman Bastards series, because it’s only currently a trilogy and I haven’t yet read the third book, so that feels like cheating. I’m going to go with the Abhorsen trilogy instead (yeah, I know, I talk about it all the time). Ok, maybe this is also cheating, because now there’s a prequel and also a fourth book, but I feel the original three can stand on their own.

Four Calling Birds: Four characters you’d like to have a chat on the phone with

Claidi from the Claidi Journals – she was an important character for me growing up and I think we’d have a lot to talk about

Arya – I want to hear all about what she’s doing now, since Gurm isn’t giving me any more damn books to read!

Bilbo Baggins (though I feel like an in-person chat over tea and seed cakes would be more appropriate) – How can you not want to talk to Bilbo!?

Trying to think of someone from a contemporary novel and the struggle is real!

Screw it, I’m tired from the effort of just creating this tag. My last pick is Optimus Yarnspinner from City of Dreaming Books – he’s got to have unwritten tales to tell and I want to know what he sounds like.

Five Golden Rings: A character whose jewelry (or, let’s be lenient and include general fashion) you would copy

No, I did not have answers ready when I thought up these questions. (sigh)

I’m sure there’s plenty of badass jewelry that I’m forgetting about right now.  When I read A Darker Shade of Magic I had total jacket lust for Kell’s coat, so let’s go with that.

Six Geese a Laying: A trilogy you’d like to see get three more books

The Wool series by Hugh Howey. I realize the tone would be utterly different, but I want to know more about the world he created and what the characters would do next. Though perhaps three books would be overkill, but I trust him.

Seven Swans a Swimming: A water-based book you’d recommend (pirates, merms, cthulhus, whatever!)

Piratica by Tanith Lee! The Water trilogy by Kara Dalkey is a great one too.

Eight Maids a Milking: Favorite book about cows! Just kidding! (I mean, unless you actually have one…) favorite book set in the country and/or on farm.

True Grit is the first book to come to mind and the wild west counts as country in my book!

Nine Ladies Dancing: Character you’d like to dance with (it doesn’t have to be a slow dance)

Mr. Darcy. I’ve said in the past (at least, I think I have) that I don’t think book Darcy is dreamy; I’d much rather marry Bingley. But, I’ve done a bit of ballroom dancing in the past and I’d like to do some old-timey dancing and I’d like to do it right! This fantasy also supposes that I know how do promenade or reel or whatever.

Ten Lords a Leaping: A lordly (princely, royal, rich, whatever) character you’d like to see leap off a bridge

That prince from Throne of Glass. I don’t even remember his name. But he was ridiculous. (I mean, I didn’t like anyone in that book, but that’s not the point of this question.) Oh and also Malfoy.

Eleven Pipers Piping: A character you think would be most likely to hire a band to serenade you

I don’t read a lot of books with characters known for Grand Romantic Gestures (which is what I’d consider this to be). Hmmmm! Perhaps Rhett Butler, if we actually had a successful relationship, or he was trying to woo me.

Twelve Drummers Drumming: Drumroll please! Pick a book you love so much you feel it deserves a drumroll (if you can, make it something you haven’t already talked about this year)

Crap, I always talk about the same damn books over and over, why did I make this a challenge for myself?

Ok, I’m thinking I haven’t mentioned Shipbreaker this year. But, I’m too lazy to go back and check, so if I’m wrong, well, too bad. I was totally blown away by the atmosphere of the world Bacigalupi built and the sequel was just as solid.


Well, there you have it! Thinking up these prompts was easier than actually answering them – not something I thought about when I cooked up these ideas. Like, what do you mean I have to answer my own prompts!?

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