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2017 Wrap Up

Here we are folks, at the start of a new year! And that means yet another yearly wrap up for you to check out! If you’re just interested in the short version, I had an amazing year and read 164 books for a total of 40,485 pages and an average of 110 pages per day. Read on if you want the nerdy breakdown!

My recent interest in audiobooks and the novella trend (primarily from Tor Books, it seems), coupled with some graphic novels, definitely helped boost my numbers far past what I’ve read in the previous years. I’ve also read some pretty chunky books this year, like Gone with the Wind and the damned Dark Tower series (regrets).

Here’s a quick rundown of the stats I track:

Average pages per book – 247
Average pages per month – 3,374
Average pages per day – 111
Average books per month – 14
Most books read in December
Most pages read in July

My goal for the year was originally 112, but I surpassed that so I adjusted it to 125. Clearly, I blew that out of the water! I also DNF’d an amazing 10 books, which is more than I have, like, in all my years combined. Let me tell you, it feels friggen awesome.

26 books were audiobooks (so they only added to my book count, not my pages) and 17 were graphic novels/comics.

I know Goodreads has different page counts than I do because I don’t bother to select the right edition on the site, but according to their stats (and I’m inclined to agree) the shortest book I read was A Whiter Shade of Christmas, which is one of the shorts that came in a PageHabit box, and the longest was The Dark Tower. The most popular was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (utterly unsurprising) and the least was A Box, A Pocket, A Spaceman (another PageHabit short). My average star rating is 3.5…so a very middle of the road year I guess. There were quite a few stinkers and DNFs, so that makes sense.

To make this even nerdier I decided to add pie charts!

Books read by month:

Pages read by month:

Now let’s check in on the goals I set for myself (groan). We know I’ve surpassed my reading goal. A subset of that was that I wanted 40% of those books to be from my “dusty bookshelf” (books that have been on my shelf for a year or more) and I failed! Womp womp. I read 45 dusty books which make up only 27% of my overall reading, but it is 15 more dusty books than I read in 2016, so that’s still progress. Here’s to next year, eh?

I think I’ve already mentioned I didn’t touch a single book from any damn series that I’ve left unfinished. Shaaaame. I also gave myself a little genre challenge and picked 6 books to read from genres I don’t frequent. You’d think I could manage to read SIX DAMN BOOKS over the course of 12 months, but NOOO. I didn’t complete that either. I only read 3 of them. Bummer.

In addition to all this, I did an end of the year purge and let go of 126 books! Unfortunately, no one but me sees the difference when it comes to the shelves, but that’s still quite a lot. Some went to friends and family, the rest I’ll probably donate (there’s nowhere I can sell them around here). But what I’m most happy about is that I managed to knock 72 books off my TBR! It’s still incredibly daunting, but hopefully, I can continue to pare it down in the upcoming year.

Regardless of not having succeeded at the (totally arbitrary) goals I set for myself, I had a fantastic reading year and discovered some damn fine (and utterly terrible) books! I’m pleased with what progress I made and all I can do is keep trying, yeah?


I hope you had a successful year as well. Please feel free to share your accomplishments…or failures! It’s all good.

Stay tuned for my best and worst picks of the year!

13 thoughts on “2017 Wrap Up”

  1. Oh no! I’m really looking forward to reading your thoughts on The Dark Tower, I’ve been looking forward to reading them since I found them at a thrift store for a dollar each XD
    Great job on the rest though! As long as you enjoy it, nothing else matters 🙂


    1. Well it’ll probably end up getting a blurb on my worst of 2017 list lol. But if you find it on goodreads, I wrote little ranty reviews for most of the books in the series. I like some of King’s stuff, but that series wasn’t for me!


  2. I loved yer wrap up. I have been finding the Tor novellas to be lovely and hope to read more in 2018. I am interested in hearing about the dark tower thoughts. I loved hearing about how many books ye read off the dusty bookshelves. Looking forward to reading more of yer posts in 2018. My wrap up be below if ye like. No pressure.
    x The Captain

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have been suckered into paying a lot of money for what I think is a novel and ends up being a novella. Which of course I didn’t know because I didn’t want to be spoiled by blurbs so I bought it based on author only. Be interested in readin’ yer post about the topic.
        x The Captain


        1. Yeah there are times when the blurb doesn’t even say novella and if you’re not looking at page count there’s no way to know. Most recently I didn’t realize River of Teeth would be a novella until it arrived.


    1. This is my far my best reading year. I’m not sure if it’ll be duplicated. Lol. People don’t seem to believe me when I say I spend the majority of my time reading 🤣 We have 2 bookcases downstairs (it’s all open so it’s basically one room) and one at the top of the stairs (motivation to climb them? Lol) and 3 in our bedroom and 3 more in the second bedroom. We’re at capacity now. He won’t let me cram anymore in 🤣


  3. Lol at you alone noticing the purged books are gone.
    But WOW! That’s a lot of books you managed to read, almost 200!
    I’d like to one year read 100 books. That would be a huge accomplishment.


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