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Book Review: The Little Book of Hindu Deities

The Little Book of Hindu Deities
By Sanjay Patel

My Edition:
Paperback, 143 pages
2006, Plume
ISBN: 9780452287754

This book is just what the title says it is – a tiny book of Hindu deities! It’s friggen adorable and gives an overview of the different types of gods, such as the manifestations of Shiva, demigods, animal gods, the planets and even details on the different epic works.

There’s not a lot to say about this book, so I’m combining my review with extra pictures, to make it a mini-judging post too!

I think this book is suitable for a younger audience, as well as adults who are looking for a quick overview of the different deities and appreciate Patel’s art style (how can you not?!) There are some gods who have a more violent nature (and one who lusts after his own daughter)  but there’s nothing so graphic that those reading middle-grade level books couldn’t handle.

I’m head over heels for Patel’s art style – I actually didn’t know this book existed until I received it for Christmas, but two of his other books are on my wish list. I fell in love with his style after featuring Zezee’s copy of Ramayana on a Judging post. I love the bright color pallet and the simple design and I know I’ll come back to this over and over. I would love it if Patel did a whole series of different deities in this style like Greek/Roman, Celtic, etc!

Now, on to cuteness!

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