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Books and Bears – What’s the Deal?

This post is really just going to be me talking about a few used bookstores I visited recently. But they both reference bears in their names and use them as decor and I realized this is a somewhat common theme. What is is about bears that makes us equate them with reading?

I recently visited a used bookstore called Bearly Read Books so I could try to get some credit for the 150ish books I was getting rid of. I figured it’s better to try to get a little something back – and I did get quite a bit of credit! The rest of the books will be donated to my local library.

This place has a very homey feel. I’d been there once before actually. I love how the shelves are crammed with books (much like my own) and there are even piles on the floor! There are some comfy chairs throughout and it’s nice and cozy – a great atmosphere for reading. I ended up talking to the woman who works there for over an hour after I sold my books – it was great!

I didn’t end up buying this one – most of the vintage books they sell are in pretty good shape and are too pricey for me. But damn, what a lovely cover!

Next up, a friend and I decided to take a trek out to a store and a sushi joint we’d never been to. Thus, we arrived at Book Bear (though I think they recently changed their name).

Cue me being a complete dork.

Book Bear had a wide selection of types of books (even a category labeled Old Stuff), but I basically always look for fantasy/sci-fi, middle grade and the occasional classic, so I wasn’t interested in most of the store. And what I found frustrating was that their mass market paperbacks were all double stacked, so behind a solid wall of books is another solid wall of books! It was super overwhelming and hard to browse because there’s nowhere to put the books you want to move. I’m not sure I’d go back. I did find a few things though.

We finished off our date at a place called Kaizen and I definitely want to go back for more delicious sushi!


Do you have local stores, or have you visited bookstores, that have Bear in the title? What gives?

6 thoughts on “Books and Bears – What’s the Deal?”

      1. Honestly, if I saw a teddy bear in a shop window, I’d probably go in. It’s a great marketing strategy. The bears just sell themselves! And any books they might be holding.

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  1. Gonna take a jab at why bears are associate with books and I think… it just makes sense to think of them reading all winter while holed up hibernating in a cozy cave or wherever bears hibernate.
    Loved both book covers you featured there and I visited a used bookstore once and was frustrated when facing down a double-stacked wall of mass paperbacks. That was how it stored the fantasy/sci-fi books. I didn’t even bother with it.


    1. That’s a good guess! Makes sense. I was also wondering if like, after Winnie the Pooh came into existence, it seemed good to match up books and bears given he’s so friendly. But probably books and bears were associated before that.

      Yeah it just makes it really hard to shop. I like to browse, not like, strategically hunt. It’s already overwhelming when the shelves are taller than I am, then add an extra layer of books and I can’t even function. I suddenly forget everything I’m looking for. 😐


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