Book Review

Book Review: The Wild Robot Escapes

The Wild Robot Escapes
Written & Illustrated By Peter Brown

My Edition:
(Personalized & signed) Hardcover, 279 pages
2018, Little Brown
ISBN: 9780316382045

Roz has left the island she calls home due to badly needed repairs and now finds herself working on a farm. As she tends to cows and plots her escape, Roz comes to know the farmer and his two children. But she still misses her goose son, Brightbill, and she is determined to be with him once more. Roz must hide her creative, inquisitive side and her ability to speak to animals, if she hopes to see her son again and return to the wild.

This will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but I loved this book and thought it was adorable. Not quite as strong as its predecessor, true, but still a strong sequel with illustrations that I’d love to see in color!

You’ll want to read the first book, The Wild Robot, if you haven’t already, as this is a direct sequel. Once again, Roz finds herself learning to adapt to a new lifestyle and making friends (and enemies) among the local animals. She must adjust to life on a farm, which is more high-tech than you’d think. There are all sorts of other machines for her to tend to, though none really think and speak like she does, and she is constantly tracked by her new owner, making escape nearly impossible.

As ever, Roz is curious and kind, doing her best to learn new things and care for her animal friends, while trying to hatch a plan to escape. The first half of the story is about her life on the farm and her newfound friendship with the cows and the farmers two children, the second is about her adventures through the wild. I think I preferred the farm portion a bit more because it shows more of Roz’s personality. She wants to do well at her new job, but she is burdened with hiding her wild past and her ability to talk to animals. Her relationship with the children is cute too. The latter half of the book is a bit more hectic, with Roz moving from one environment to the next. She gets in a few scrapes, but gets out of them so quickly that there doesn’t seem to be a lot at stake. This could have been an issue in the first book, but I just don’t remember.

I think some of the adventures could have been cut in order to spend more time on others, but overall this was another fun story in the life of Roz. I realize it’s on the younger end of middle grade and I don’t mind the simplicity of the tale. I certainly hope there will be a third book!

I think this is a great book for younger readers, whether they can read on their own or they enjoy being read to. I’m also sorely tempted to get some of the artwork, as Brown sells prints! I think these books need a color run in the future!

Don’t worry, there’ll be a Judging post coming up.

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