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Annotated: Ready Player One

I’m fairly new to the whole annotation thing – in part because writing in or highlighting anything other than a textbook feels wrong and because I don’t often have anything to say that’s worth permanently recording in my reads. But then I started highlighting a few of my writing guide books and it kind of felt ok. So I sat down and made myself a list of some of my favorite books that I knew I had some interesting thoughts on, or that had passages worth marking and Ready Player One was at the top of my list!

Given the myriad of 80s references in this book, both familiar and new to me, and the mental images I painted when reading it, Ready Player One was a book I was confident I could mark up to high heaven. During a semi-recent re-listen of the audio, I started to get ideas of passages I wanted to highlight and images I wanted to find and place in the book. I had my friend Melissa hunt down a used copy for us and, as she loves the book too, asked her if she’d like to annotate it as well!

I was very excited when this arrived at my door. This is actually the second book we’ve annotated together (a future post forthcoming, perhaps) and this time Mel went first. I decided to go all out and add a little extra flair to the cover and I’m satisfied with my radical 80s patterns. Turns out I had some perfect washi tape to accompany my musings – anyone else getting Q-Bert vibes!?

I enjoyed reading and responding to Mel’s comments in addition to adding post-its with my longer musings or occasional research/fact-checking notes and a ridiculous amount of pictures from the internet to help illustrate certain games or characters. I’m hoping that Sweetbeeps will eventually add his thoughts, as he loves the book too, but he’s hesitant because he’s never annotated before. If he does participate, I’ll be sure to do a bonus post.

It took me the entire month of April to complete the book. I was chipping away at a few chapters here and there because I wanted to savor the story and give myself the time to add whatever crazy notes and images I wanted. I had fun surfing the net for the right pictures and then taping them in. There’s a fair amount of criticism and snark in our notes (if you can’t poke some fun at your favorites, I don’t think you love them enough!), despite the fact that we give the book 5 stars and that was just as much fun as the positive notes!

So, without further ado, I present to you a portion of the notes Mel and I left.

11 thoughts on “Annotated: Ready Player One”

  1. This is so awesome! The best copy of this book I’ve seen! It’s such a good way to annotate with friends! I’ve also annotated with some of my friends and it’s the best! Then we get the book back and see all the annotations together and it’s like we made something completely new out of that one book. Beautiful! 😍


    1. Yeah it’s awesome. Now when I go back and reread it, I’ve got that shared experience. I had so much fun finding pictures to add in and it helped to see everything he was referencing.

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  2. That’s really cool. Before reading, I thought that was the actual cover and was gonna ask where you got your copy because of the designs on it lol.
    I’ve tried annotating my books before, but didn’t like doing so because those previous thoughts would interfere when I reread the book. I prefer to highlight things. I highlight almost everything if I love a book.
    But I think this is a sweet thing to do with your friend.

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  3. I never annotate anything. I just have a list of thoughts in my head. But I love the idea of annotating with someone else! It’s kind of like a book discussion except you get the other person’s thoughts “in real time” (sort of).


  4. Man, I love this so much! I very well might just have to do this myself with a book sometime. I always love seeing other people’s thoughts when it comes to books and this feels like a perfect way to do that. 🙂

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