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Annotated: The City of Dreaming Books

I’m slowly adjusting to the idea of writing in (some of) my books. I don’t always have a lot to say – in the case of City of Dreaming Books, I mostly underlined or highlighted passages that had meaning or were particularly descriptive. But this is one of my favorite books and since I have two copies, I figured I’d mark up my well-loved paperback edition.

I stuck with purple for my pen and highlighter color, but then spiced things up by coloring some of Moers’s wonderful illustrations. I also used washi to mark larger passages; I prefer that over tabs, as I don’t like them hanging out of the book. It’s nowhere near as scribbled in or embellished as Ready Player One, but I enjoyed this process just as much.

15 thoughts on “Annotated: The City of Dreaming Books”

        1. It’s in the same world as his other books. Then there is a sequel, labyrinth of dreaming books but it ends on such a cliffhanger and there’s no word about when the third will be published and translated

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  1. Oh man. Not sure I’d be able to mark up a book… BUT I guess if it were a well loved second copy I *MAY* be able to muster up the courage. I don’t even break the spines or dog ear pages lol If I could bubble wrap my books I would.


    1. I break spines on most books, but it took me a while to get on board with the idea of annotating. I always do it to a second copy so that I still have a clean copy if I don’t want to read my remarks.

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