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Maryland Adventures

If you follow me on the ‘Gram (and if you don’t, whyever not!?) you may recall I was in Maryland the last week in June. As usual, I was visiting my friend Mel and we had lots of fun adventures, both book and non-book related!

Get ready for a TON of pictures.

I arrived in the afternoon and we had a chill day and then went to dinner with Mel and her husband and mom for Indian food. Soooo yummy.

I was so excited to have mango lassi again. It’s been years!

The rose ice cream was….very rose-flavored. Woof. It wasn’t bad per se, but it was way more floral than I thought it would be and kind of tasted like eating perfume…

Day 2  – was also fairly relaxing and we stopped by a free concert at a park in the afternoon and I made sure to bring my current read for photo ops. In case you missed it, here’s my review for this fantastic book.

Day 3 – was our trip to D.C. Mel took me a few years back, so I’ve already done the tourist thing and seen some monuments and the white house and museums (the museums were my favorite part.) This time, our entire reason for going into D.C. was to get milkshakes from Halfsmoke.

We decided to start with the zoo though, since it was free and we felt we should do at least one other thing if we were in D.C.

The escalator for the metro stop we got off at was fucking endless. It felt like we were going up at a 90-degree angle. Dislike!

After walking around the zoo for a few hours (sweating our asses off), we decided it wouldn’t be hard to walk to Halfsmoke, rather than catch an uber. It took us about an hour and we continued to sweat our asses off – but hey, we burned calories!

On the way, I found a friend cat. :]

We also happened upon a cake shop, The Cakeroom.

We decided to go inside…”just to look.” You know how that goes…

It’s a small shop, but totally adorable and naturally we needed a cupcake once we were inside. We split a lavender lemon cupcake and it was perfection. The quick sugar break gave us the motivation to continue our trek!

Finally, our destination! On the outside it’s rather unassuming, but there’s a lot of quirk and style inside.

Talk about nostalgia! I had the same Lisa Frank design on a folder that I used for years. Pretty sure I traced the art so I could color my own version too.

Two words: Frozen Rosé.

We ordered a bunch of fried apps (the 4th not pictured) since we wanted to save room for the main reason we came. But these were the best tater tots I’ve ever had and the jalapeno mac and cheese bites were so friggen good. I am a total nut for fried mac and cheese and I don’t really have anywhere to get it.

Here’s the pièce de résistance – my Beyonshake! Melissa got a chocolate monstrosity that made me want milk after just looking at it. They were both so good and so, so extra xD That blue straw in the back is one of those giant pixie stix! I didn’t even bother opening it. I didn’t want to die of sugar shock.

This is what our check arrived in :]

Day 4 – we found our first bookstore. I’d only been to BooksAMillion once, so Mel found one that was relatively on the way to our true destination, a winery.

I, naturally, had to buy an entire Austen set because they are beautiful and were only like $5 each. I’m weak, I know.

Before we went to drink wine, we stopped for brunch at one of two Milk and Honey Cafe locations. BEST. BREAKFAST. EVER.

This picture doesn’t do this croissant breakfast sammy justice! It was legit, the size of my head. It was hella affordable too. We also got some cheesy hash browns and they were damn delicious. I’m legitimately sad that I have to wait at least 2 years before I can at there again. We actually went to their other location the morning before I flew home and I had another phenomenal sammy (on 2 biscuits!) I NEED MORE. Ugh.

We finally made it to the Great Shoals Winery tasting room (which was located on a cute little farm, though I believe we’ve since relocated) – another location I’m sad I can’t return to for a while. We tried so many wines and they were all damn delicious! It’s definitely somewhere I’d shop from regularly. They don’t even ship to Mass. SADNESS.

Mel and I bought two glasses to drink after our tasting and also bought two bottles of wine. We sat outside admiring the view while we sobered up and ate some of the fresh blackberries we bought from the farm stand. It was a beautiful day!

Day 5 – was dedicated to tea time! Our friend Sarah met us in…whatever town we were in…(lol) and we had tea together. This is my second time having fancy tea and I enjoyed it. I think the local place I went to had better sandwiches, but this place wins in the dessert category. And oh my god the scones with jam and cream…please…just let me eat them every day.

This was some sort of brownie/cookie dough tasting thing, with lots of fresh whipped cream. It was the most delicious dessert I’ve ever had! It was so good Mel and I asked for seconds. Heheh.

After tea our friend Britney made it out to see us and we roamed around for a bit in the little downtown area. When she left, Mel and I went in the bookstore, of course.

I gotta make sure I support indie stores, so I bought two books.

Day 6 – was a local day. We went to a used bookstore in Mel’s town. The place was a hot mess.

Literally, books were just thrown and piled everywhere. It wasn’t like the overcrowded stores I’m used to where the piles are at least neat and you know they’re piled up because there’s no shelf space (like my house, wow). This felt like a bookstore run by people who don’t care about books. Why would you just leave them like that!? The guy behind the counter was just playing on his phone -_-

I found some books despite the mess. They’re all in like-new condition and they were cheap. Soooo, I’d go back there. But it was hard not to just start organizing everything. Woof.

We then went to the mall (to look for underthings lol) and ended up at the damn candy store, Lolli and Pops. Curse this place! It’s like a Willy Wonka store for adults. They have SO MUCH YUMMY LOOKING STUFF. In addition to a bunch of well-known candies and some “vintage” stuff (can you describe candy as vintage? It’s the old-timey stuff, you know what I’m talking about), they also have their own brand of chocolates and stuff. I wanted like every single truffle flavor.

I settled on all of these (LOL) – the Jack Daniel’s bar was for Sweetbeeps. It’s currently still in our fridge. He had a piece and liked it, but has either forgotten about it or just doesn’t feel like eating more? I wasn’t a fan, since I don’t like whiskey and it’s basically filled with whiskey. Everything else was delicious though. I realize that’s probably going to be the most popular word in today’s post.

These were my favorite! They went well with our Great Shoals wine and the smoked gouda and crackers we were gorging ourselves on later that evening.

Once Mel had me tipsy, she took me over to Sarah’s under the guise of dropping some stuff off. Turns out, my girls had put together a little surprise party for me! (Not pictured, Brit’s husband and baby who were also very welcome guests) I was so happy I got to see everyone and it was a great night. I miss these ladies every day!

Mel, Amy, Me (ugh), Sarah and Brit

Day 7 – was my last day and to help cheer me up, Mel and I spent it at a cat cafe!


Seriously, this was a really cute little place. If I lived in the area, I’d be begging them to hire me. And if they weren’t hiring, I’d just go all the time. The cafe part is really just a Keurig and pre-made goods, but that’s no what you go for, obvs.

Mel was kind enough to stay for 75 minutes (because half an hour wasn’t going to be enough for me) even though she’s allergic to cats. We had the place to ourselves for a good 45 minutes and then only a lady and her daughter came in.

The cafe has all sorts of events like crafts and yoga and stuff that you can do there. But I just wanted to hang around and pet all the cats. Pretty sure I pet all 13 that were there at the time. #win

You can adopt the cats there! This is Andra, she was my favorite. A lil cutie and very friendly. If I was local…alas.

This is how you know you’re a true cat-lover…you’re willing to pose near their ass, just so you can get a picture together. This picture pretty much sums me up…

The decor was cute.

There’s a little shop area, so I nabbed this beautiful necklace (which I wear almost daily now) and a keychain! I also got a sticker.

Then we went to Third Eye Comics. That place was really cool and they had like, everything you could want. They also had 8 zillion pop figures and I’m proud that I managed to resist buying any.

My haul.

We finished out our night with hibachi dinner and Ocean’s 8. The movie was…pretty much what you’d expect, but I don’t regret watching it. Dinner was great though. I got some sake and sushi.

Mel and I also have these matching cloth bracelets, they’re reversible so we were each wearing one side.

As always, it was a great trip, but much too short! It was a much-needed break.

If you stuck around this far – thanks! Have you been to any of the spots we visited?

6 thoughts on “Maryland Adventures”

    1. Hahaha yes, lots of good wine and good (bad for me) foods. Threw my diet out the window and only gained 2 pounds which is pretty good considering lol. And yes, those editions are super cheap through BAM. I wish we had one in my area!

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  1. Looks like it was a great trip! 😀 You were right in my area, kinda, in DC. Some of those escalators are really long. My aunt rode the metro with me once and she had to face upward when on the long escalators because she’s afraid of heights.

    Liked by 1 person

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