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15 Favorite Lady Authors

I have many favorite authors – new favorites, old favorites, favorites to re-read, favorites to hoard even though I’ve hardly read any of their books. I was inspired by my buddy Jacob over at RedStarReviews to do a post on my favorite lady authors thanks to his September podcast cleverly titled, Who Writes the Words? Girls!

As usual, this is by no means a comprehensive list and there’s no real pecking order here. I just want to call out some of the ladies whose work I love to read.

I know I just said there’s no pecking order, but let me get the two obvious picks out of the way first. Neither of these should come as a surprise if you’ve been around for a few months.

+ Tanith Lee – She writes sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, short stories and so many blends of genres in between. I’ve done several posts on her work, notably here and here and I also have several reviews in my archive.

+ Jane Austen – I can at least say I’ve read all of Austen’s work and once again, I have several posts on why I love Austen, like the ones here and here. I also dubbed February Austen Month and devote the majority of the month to re-reading her work and reading and watching other works inspired by her.

Ok, now I can talk about some of the other authoresses that you haven’t heard me gush over all the freaking time.

+ Mira Grant / Seanan McGuire – Her sci-fi is published as Grant, her fantasy as McGuire and all of it (ok, all that I’ve read) is awesome. She has quite a backlog of fantasy for me to read through and I’m very excited about it. I’ve primarily read her as Grant and I love how creepy her work is! I’m sure most of you have heard of the Wayward Children series which she writes as McGuire – I highly recommend for anyone who loves portal fantasy! She’s also a great source for LGBT+ characters.

+ Naoko Takeuchi – Ok, so you might have heard me gush about her recently, as the Eternal Sailor Moon editions have started coming out and of course I must buy and reread them. Sailor Moon has been a love of mine for a long time and I don’t ever expect that to change. What’s not to love about stories centering around a magical girl gang actually written by a woman?

+ Philippa Gregory – my queen of historical fiction. Her characters are rich and her focus on females throughout history (especially in the eras surrounding Henry VIII) gives a fresh perspective on a seemingly male-dominated time. She writes non-fiction too, which I’ll admit I haven’t read, which lends credibility to her fiction, as I trust it’s well researched.

+ Lisa Jensen – I’ve only read 2 of her 3 books, but she’s my new go-to for retelling recommendations. I especially love her Pan retelling, Alias Hook, because it’s dark and sexy as hell. I can’t wait for more from her!

+ Trudi Canavan – I read her Magician Trilogy back in high school and have reread it a time or two since. I can’t wait to reread it again! Meanwhile, Sweetbeeps loved that series and actually moved on to more of her work, which he recommends.

+ Becky Chambers – Hi, hello, Becky is the queen of feel-good sci-fi. Her Wayfarers series is everything I want in sci-fi and then some. Her characters are amazing and her world-building is so vast and rich! I’ve already read the first two books twice and can’t wait to dive into the series a third time in the coming year.

+ Nancy Springer – I fell in love with Springer’s Enola Holmes series. It’s middle-grade, told from the perspective of Sherlock’s younger sister. It’s smart, witty and endearing and I’ve got the first book from her Rowan Hood series on my shelves too! I definitely recommend her for younger and older lovers of middle-grade.

+ Sarah Gailey – I never thought I’d go wild about novellas where hippo ranching in the early 20th century was a thing, until I met Gailey’s work. Her work tends to be dark and a little violent and her characters are colorful. She’s another great source for some LGBT+ rep. She also offers a twice monthly paid (it’s $2 US) newsletter which I highly recommend.

+ Marion Zimmer Bradley – I read Mists of Avalon in high school and fell in love. Granted, I’ve never read any of her other work, but after tackling like 1,000+ pages, I feel qualified to recommend her. Her personal life aside, she wrote an epic fantasy novel about King Arthur with richly developed female (and male) characters.

+ Michelle Moran – My second source for historical fiction. I own all Michelle’s work with only one book unread. Three of her novels are set in ancient Egypt, which isn’t something I come across. She’s also got an excellent novel about Madame Tussaud and her latest is about Mata Hari. I really appreciate her range and once again love her focus on female characters.

+ Robin Stevens – Another middle-grade rec, her Wells and Wong mysteries are a charming mix of a female version of Sherlock and Holmes mixed with a dash of Agatha Christie. Who knew murder could be charming? But after reading some Christie, Stevens very much has that same light-hearted tone thanks to her lead characters, but she also tackles some of the tough topics young ladies deal with as they grow up.

+ Marie Brennan – Her Lady Trent series is definitely one of my top series of all time (and I haven’t even read the last book because I’m not ready for it to end!) Victorian-era exploration in a world where dragons exist, voiced by a saucy, independent lady? Hells yes. I’ve also read a few of her other fantasy novellas and am working on getting my little hands on the rest of her work.

+ Melanie Benjamin – Another historical fiction recommendation with a more contemporary flare, if you consider books about Lewis Carroll and Truman Capote contemporary (which I do, compared to my other recommendation). I’m caught up on all but the latest of her novels and I highly recommend Mrs. Tomb Thumb or Alice I Have Been if you’re looking for unique reads in historical fiction.


There are so many more ladies I could list, but I’ll leave you with these for now. Have you read any of these authors? Do you have any recommendations for me? (Note: I haven’t read anything by Robin Hobb and I know I need to!)

4 thoughts on “15 Favorite Lady Authors”

    1. Yeah I know some people struggle to support her work after all that came out. But I read Avalon probably 15 years ago, not knowing anything about her and I just love the book so much. I probably won’t read any of her other work but I’d like to reread Avalon. She’s got talent no matter what she was like as a person

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  1. Love this post idea!

    Off this list, I’ve only read Michelle Moran and Philippa Gregory.

    On my favorite lady authors list, I’d probably include V.E. Schwab, the Bronte sisters, Diana Galbadon, Sara Donati, Kiersten White, Katherine Arden, Mackenzi Lee, Laini Taylor…. Yeah I am going to stop now or I never will lol There is just to many noteworthy authors to feature. I’d never be able to narrow it down..


    1. You should do a post like this! I’ve only read one Schwab book so far, though I have that shades of magic trilogy and vicious. Outlander didn’t really do it for me lol. I’m not as familiar with the others except laini taylor, though I haven’t read her work yet lol. Well, I mean I know the brontes lol.

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