Book Review

Book Review: Slothilda – Living the Sloth Life

Slothilda: Living the Sloth Life
By Dante Fabiero

My Edition:
Hardcover, 111 pages
2018, Skyhorse Publishing
ISBN: 9781510736573

Thank you to the author for sending me this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

Slothilda, like many of us, is just a lady (er, sloth) who wants to be ambitious, but would really rather Netflix and chill, eat delicious snacks and take lots of naps.

The adorable illustrations alone would have been enough for me to check out this book. Not only is Slothilda cute, but she’s 100% relatable!

I absolutely loved this comic collection. Slothilda delivers comedic opinions and advice on all the important topics: fitness, food, work, money, home, lifestyle, fur baby (in her case, a corgi) and gratitude.

Each comic occupies its own page and almost every page had me either laughing or smiling. I love the art style and the minimal color palette. Slothilda was really relatable for me – she wants to exercise, but would rather snack; she wants to clean, but would rather nap; she spends way too much time on her phone and watching Netflix; and loves her pet unconditionally, even when he’s a brat.

My only real complaint is that her cutie little corgi doesn’t appear in enough comics!

I will certainly be on the lookout for more Slothilda comics in the future.

Definitely check this out if:

+ You need a quick, relatable pick-me-up read
+ You like sloths
+ You enjoy napping, snacking (carbs especially), social media and/or procrastination

Slothilda has a website full of GIFs and even has some emoji sticker things that are apparently only available for i-stuff users (damnit) and here’s the site for her creator, Dante

Bonus pictures:

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