Book Review

Book Review: The Prince and the Dressmaker

The Prince and the Dressmaker
By Jen Wang

My Edition:
Paperback, 283 pages
2018, First Second
ISBN: 9781626723634

Prince Sebastian has a secret – he enjoys wearing dresses and moonlighting as a fashion maven called Lady Crystallia. When he discovers talented seamstress, Frances, Lady Crystallia gains even more renown for her bold looks. But Frances yearns for her talent to be recognized and Sebastian’s parents are putting pressure on him to marry. Sebastian can’t hide his secret and his designer forever…

I received this as a Christmas present from Chelsea and I had to read it the same night it arrived. I’ve heard good things about this graphic novel and it didn’t disappoint! I love Wang’s art style and the story was both moving and funny!

As the end of the year is approaching, I wanted something fun and light to help finish out the year. The Prince and the Dressmaker was a perfect read!

Prince Sebastian describes himself as feeling like “Prince Sebastian” some days and others, feeling more at home in a dress, heels and a wig. He enjoys high fashion no matter what gender its designed for. Frances was underappreciated at her job and after designing a wild dress for a guest at the prince’s 16th birthday, she’s recruited by the prince’s confidant, Emile. She finally has a chance to embrace her creative side, but she’s still hidden from the public eye because of Sebastian’s secret.

Frances and Sebastian are both excellent characters – they understand and support each other (at least, until they don’t) and are both very likable. I liked the plot and the uplifting ending. I already mentioned that I enjoyed the art style, but I’ll say it again. I especially enjoyed Frances’s designs!

I don’t want to give too many details of the plot (can we get a ticker going for how many times I say that?), but I’ll leave you with this real-ass quote that totally hit me:

“Don’t work too hard. This job won’t love you back, you know.”

I really hope Wang writes more graphic novels set in this world!

I recommend this if you’re looking for a YA graphic novel:

+ That’s uplifting
+ Has LGBT+ rep
+ Focuses on fashion, friendship and being true to yourself

Now for bonus pictures:

Those shocked faces crack me up!

This is my face in most social situations.

Those faces again! xD

Wang’s website

10 thoughts on “Book Review: The Prince and the Dressmaker”

  1. I haven’t read many graphic novels, but this one seems right up my alley! Is the representation in the book gender fluidity? I’ve only read one book with a gender fluid character, The Symptoms of being Human, and I really learning a lot about gender fluidity.


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