Monthly Wrap Up

March Wrap Up


In March I read 8 books for a total of 2,229 pages and an average of 72 pages per day. I’d hoped to read more, but life got in the way. Still, those are some respectable stats.

I ended up loving almost every book I read this month! Unfortunately, the final book in the Southern Reach trilogy was a real downer for me. I did review both the series and the Annihilation movie. I finally decided to annotate Pride and Prejudice and while it took me almost all month to do it, I enjoyed taking my time and going through it in small increments. I finished off the month by watching the Kiera Knightley film, which is, so far, my favorite traditional P&P adaptation.

Pride and Prejudice
By Jane Austen

First Sentence: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.
Classic, romance

By Jeff Vandermeer
First Sentence:
The tower, which was not supposed to be there, plunges into the earth in a place just before the black pine forest begins to give way to a swamp and then the reeds and wind-gnarled trees of the marsh flats.
Sci-fi, new weird

Old Baggage
By Lissa Evans
First Sentence:
Mattie always carried a club in her handbag – just a small one, of polished ash.
Historical Fiction

The Hobbit
Adapted by Charles Dixon and Sean Deming

Graphic novel, children’s

By Jeff Vandermeer
First Sentence:
In Control’s dreams it is early morning, the sky deep blue with just a twinge of light.
Sci-fi, new weird

By Jeff Vandermeer
First Sentence:
Just out of reach, just beyond you: the rush and froth of the surf, the sharp smell of the sea, the crisscrossing shape of the gulls, their sudden, jarring cries.
Sci-fi, new weird

The Girls in the Picture
By Melanie Benjamin
First Sentence:
Lately, the line between real life and movies has begun to blur.
Historical fiction

The Atrocities
By Jeremy C. Shipp
First Sentence:
Turn left at the screaming woman with a collapsing face.
Horror (gothic)

Quarterly Update:

We’re already through with three months of the year (holy crap) so I wanted to do a quick snapshot of my quarterly stats.

Total books read: 27
Total pages read: 6,510
Average pages per day: 72
Most books and pages read in: February (surprisingly!)

Better Reads Challenge:

Another excellent reading month, in terms of making time to read almost every day. Even if it’s only a few pages, it counts!

March: 29/31
Year-long: 86/365

TBR Tear Down:

Errr, I did terribly this month and I’m giving myself a pass. It’s my challenge, I’ll cheat if I want to! I want to make a point of reading all my Tanith books (the Paradys books), so of course, those aren’t coming off my TBR until they’re actually read. And I did start The Hero and the Crown before the end of the month, so I’m counting that as a partial success.

Non-Review Highlights:

10 Quotes I Enjoy

On Ghostwriting

*cover images from Goodreads

10 thoughts on “March Wrap Up”

        1. I’m pretty sure it was on my list because you recommended it, and then I just forgot to actually look for it. I saw it was available last night when I was looking for other Austen editions and had no clue what it was about or why I wanted it lol but I ordered it anyway cuz I have credits 🤣


  1. I really need to re-read both P&P and The Hobbit… I love that you re-read these books every year. Maybe I’ll read them in audiobook format.

    “…the Kiera Knightley film, which is, so far, my favorite traditional P&P adaptation.”

    Yes!!! That adaptation gives me goosebumps.

    Liked by 1 person

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