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Quick Chat: Favorite Slump

Coming at you today with a shorter discussion post, which I’m calling a quick chat (yeah, you can definitely figure it out from the title of the post, but I felt the need to explain anyway LOL.) I’d like to talk about reading slumps…caused by none other than my favorite author!

So, if you’re new here, I love many authors a whole heckin’ ton, but if pressed to name my one true fave, I’ll say Tanith Lee.

That’s right, friends, Tanith Lee put me in a slump. Woe!

I love, love, LOVE her work and always will. But as I’ve been making an effort to read through my backlog of her books (as opposed to simply furiously hoarding them and re-reading my favorites) I’m finding her earlier works just aren’t doing it for me.

I DNF’d my first Tanith this year and didn’t finish that series –The Wars of Vis – because of it. Thinking back, The Birthgrave Trilogy was ok, but nothing to rave about. Now I’m struggling through The Secret Books of Paradys with mixed results. I want to finish the series because I’m curious, but after reading the first two books, I was feeling slumpy. I’m looking at my list (yes, I have a list for everything) and the Paradys series was written somewhat later, so I can’t even blame it on her early works.

None of this changes my passion for her work in general or the fact that I think she’s totally underrated and deserves more love. But it does just make me want to re-read those of her books I know I love.


Does this ever happen to you? Have you ever read something by your favorite author, or maybe a book (or two) in your favorite series that just didn’t work out for you and sent you into a slump? Tell me I’m not alone!

6 thoughts on “Quick Chat: Favorite Slump”

  1. I don’t really get into reading slumps per se, but I do get book hangovers where I need to cleanse my pallet & read something quick and easy.

    I tend to get book hangovers after reading books that have very dense writing, complex plot lines, a huge cast of characters, and/or are really long books. The last book that gave me a hangover was Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James… which had all of these elements lol

    Does Tanith Lee’s books have any of these elements? I have not read any of her work…

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    1. Her work is sometimes much deeper than I’m able to pick up on. And I suppose for me a slump is kinda like I don’t know what to read next? Like I’d like to cleanse my mental pallet but then I’m too frustrated or overwhelmed to figure out what I can even read. And I want to enjoy all her work, but it’s not always the case. Her work is very rich and atmospheric, but at times I think her characters suffer for it.


  2. Lol! You’re not alone. That has happened to me. I’d read a fantasy book that was so great and amazing that i blazed through that I feel expelled by the time I’m done and unable to move on to something else. At times like that I just take a break from reading in general or just from reading books or novels. I might instead read a magazine or comics or binge Netflix.

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  3. I get sort of slumps sometimes, but I get them when I read a book I love so much that all I want is a book that’s the same but as another book. Which causes me not to read for a while and being frustrated about only thinking about that book. It often happens with Jane Austen and different spin-offs from Pride and Prejudice


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