Monthly Wrap Up

June Wrap Up


In June I read 11 books for a total of 2,492 pages and an average of 83 pages per day. I got off to a slow start but was able to get a good amount of reading done on my vacation.

In terms of enjoyment, I had a pretty solid reading month. I read quite a few excellent graphic novels too! I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite!

The Book of the Dead
by Tanith Lee
First Sentence:
Paradys too has its cemeteries, its little graveyards tucked out of sight, its greater yards of death that hug the churches, the cathedral that is called a Temple.
Fantasy, Victorian

Come As You Are
by Emily Nagoski
First Sentence:
To be a sex educator is to be asked questions.
Self-help, sex ed

Have Sword, Will Travel
by Garth Nix & Sean Williams
First Sentence:
Odo and Eleanor did not set out to find their destiny.
Middle-grade, fantasy

The Book of the Mad
by Tanith Lee
First Sentence:
It was early afternoon, but as ever the daytime City was enveloped in gray mist.
Fantasy, Victorian

Wooden Bones
by Scott William Carter
First Sentence:
In the old days news traveled quite slowly.
Middle-grade, fantasy, fairytale continuation

Bob’s Burgers
by Various Artists

Comic (inspired by the show)

Making Friends
by Kristen Gudsnuk

Graphic novel, middle-grade, modern fantasy

The Farthest Shore
by Ursula K. LeGuin
First Sentence:
In the Court of the Fountain the sun of March shone through young leaves of ash and elm, and water leapt and fell through shadow and clear light.

by Sarah Graley          

Graphic novel, middle-grade, sci-fi, fantasy

This Was Our Pact
by Ryan Andrews        

Graphic novel, middle-grade, modern fantasy

Be Prepared
by Vera Brosgol           

Graphic novel, middle-grade/YA, memoir

Quarterly Update:

Happy to see I’ve more than doubled my number of books and pages read in the second quarter of the year!

Total books read: 61
Total pages read: 14,140
Average pages per day: 78
Most books and pages read in: April

Better Reads Challenge:

Another excellent month. I like seeing that I’m making the effort to read a little almost every day.

Month: 29/30
Year: 172/365

TBR Tear Down:

I’m pretty happy with my progress this month – I didn’t expect myself to read more than one from the Earthsea series. I’m breaking my rules (yeah yeah) and moving The Other Queen to July.

Non-Review Highlights:

My Life Outside Books: Orange Drag Strip Reunion

Reactions to Five-Star Reviews of My Least Favorite Books

Reactions to One-Star Reviews of My Favorite Books

*cover images from Goodreads

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