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Quick Chat: Sequel Previews

Today I want to talk about previews of sequels, or the next book in a series, at the end of your current read.

I’m curious, bibliofriends, when you’ve finished a book and there’s an excerpt for the next book at the end, do you read it?

I don’t.

“Why’s that?” you ask. (Or, I hope you ask.)

Well, mostly because I can’t stand the tease!

There are many a series I’m behind on (but thankfully, that’s not the topic for today’s post), but in cases like that, I typically already own the next book. Or it’s out and I just haven’t purchased it yet and I know if I’m loving a series and actually want to make an effort to continue, I’ll buy the next book real quick.

But if I’m actually reading a current series and the next book isn’t out yet, I’m not trying to torture myself by reading a snippet of a book that I can’t get my grubby little hands on for a year or more! (Side note: my hands are actually quite clean.) If I’m really loving a series and I’m desperate for more, the answer is not to torture myself by reading a few pages of the next book while knowing I can’t actually read the next book yet. It just makes the wait worse for me.

Sometimes I hear the siren song of the preview calling to me after I’ve finished, but I’m good at resisting.


So, tell me, do you read the previews for future books?

14 thoughts on “Quick Chat: Sequel Previews”

  1. I actually don’t read the previews, either. Partly because then i have to wait until goodness knows when for the actual book comes out and partly because I need time to recuperate and absorb the story I just finished.

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  2. I’m the same way. I don’t want a slice of pie, I want the whole damn pie 🙂

    I also do not read book samples, like the ones offered on Amazon before you buy the kindle version. I don’t feel like you are giving the book a fair shake unless you give it to the 20% make. I can’t accurately judge if I am going to like a book by one chapter…

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    1. Yeah I agree with that too. I need to be able to read a decent amount before I decide I don’t like it. Well, unless I know immediately that I hate it lol


  3. I often don’t read them for the same reason. But there have been a few times when I was so caught up in the story and didn’t want it to end that I read the preview. But I only do that when I can get the next book asap, like run to the store the next day and get it.

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