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3 (More) Things I Loved About Kim Reaper (Volume 2: Vampire Island)

Kim Reaper Volume 2: Vampire Island
By Sarah Graley

My Edition:
Paperback, 110 page
2019, Oni Press
ISBN: 9781620106372

Kim and Becka are back! The two are trying to find time to date, but Kim’s terrible schedule as a part-time reaper is really making things hard. Not to mention, Becka really wants her best friend Tyler and Kim to get along, but it doesn’t seem to be working. In an effort to support Becka and Tyler’s love of Vampire Teen Drama (their favorite show), Kim takes the gang to Vampire Island. Only things don’t quite go as planned…

You might recall my first list of reasons why I enjoy this comic. I’m back to tell you even more reasons why I love this series.

+ Non-binary rep – Kim and Becka are dating and one or both are possibly bi. Now we’re introduced to Charlie, a non-binary character! I enjoy how casually everyone uses the they/them pronouns for Charlie – it’s clearly something that’s common in the story universe. I appreciate how well-adjusted everyone is; what I mean by that is, that it’s not a huge deal that Charlie is non-binary. No one struggles to accept them, nor do they make a big deal about them being non-binary.

+ The details – When I’m not geeking out over the perfect and humorous expressions of the characters, I find there are so many cute little details in the bigger scenes. This is definitely something that makes for an enjoyable reread. Now that I’m familiar with the plot, the next time I read through the comic I can focus on the tiny details in the scenes, like the little faces on the candies!

+ Kim and Becka’s relationship – The girls are still navigating their new friendship and relationship. Now they’re dealing with the edition of each other’s best friends and what that means for their own relationship. Kim is doing what she can to juggle her relationship and work and Becka steps up in the face of trouble to defend Kim and the gang. They’re both just so precious and wonderful!

+ Bonus: The bats – LOOK AT THEM!



Guys, go read these comics! In fact, support all of Graley’s work, because it’s fantastic! She’s an artist/author whose work I want to own all of!

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