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Mini(bot) Reviews: Grave Importance

It’s easier to do a mini-review on the third book in a series, so here we are!

Grave Importance by Vivian Shaw
My Edition: Paperback – 395 pages – 2019 – Orbit – ISBN: 9780316434652

This is the third book in the Greta Helsing series and it follows Greta while she assists a friend at his secret health spa/hospital for mummies. But her excitement at being surrounded by the best technology and getting to work in her favorite part of the paranormal medical field is cut short when strange things start happening to her mummy patients and then the world at large.

I love this series. It’s always hard for me to do any sort of non-spoilery review of books in a series. This being a linear series, each book follows the events of the next, so it’s not one you can read out of order.

But if you enjoyed books one and two, I think you’ll enjoy the third as well. These books are feel-good, urban paranormal fantasy with a sprinkling of romance (both of the human/vampire variety and the m/m variety!) and I am 100% here for it.

Greta is smart and confident and I love that mummies are, like, her passion project. Varney is quiet and charming and I enjoyed watching his confidence bloom as the story progressed. Ruthven and Grisaille give me heart eyes. Even Cranswell and Fastitocalon are back and Hell is somehow charming.

I loved the plot, I continue to love the characters, and I hope this series continues for several more books! If you’ve not read my reviews for books one and two – you should do so! If you haven’t read this series and it sounds at all interesting to you, please do pick it up!

Also, I really love the 3-picture little comic things they have at the start of each book. It’s a great touch and I wish more books had little details like that!

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