Judging A Book

Judging A Book By Its Cover: Eternal Sailor Moon (vol 5)

This is my weekly post where I highlight beautiful books from my collection. We all judge book covers to some extent (don’t lie, you totally do!) I created this feature to showcase and admire the art and design elements of some of the books I own. If covers didn’t matter, publishers wouldn’t make so many wonderful editions!

I’ll never stop being pleased about how lovely these new Eternal Editions are and I enjoy the big format, even though it’s tough to read them without breaking the spine.

Both editions of the manga are published by Kodansha Comics and of course written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. The Eternal Edition was published in 2019 with lettering by Lys Blakeslee, cover by Phil Balsman, ISBN: 9781632361561. The smaller manga was published in 2012, ISBN: 9781612620015.

Just look at that sexy sparkle.

Everyone’s favorite kissing cousins!

One thing I dislike about Hotaru kissing Usagi is that it’s always non-consensual. It’s not like they’re dating. In fact, they kind of start off as rivals and Hotaru randomly kisses Usagi like 3 times. Anyway, excuse the rant lol.

I love the chibi renditions.


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