Life of a Book Hoarder

Updated Bookshelf Tour

I moved to an apartment in the fall of 2019 and somewhat recently got all my bookshelves in order, so I figured I would show y’all around the new set up. Also, my brain is mush and I’m struggling to write reviews, so this is a nice change of pace. Strap in, this is an image-heavy post because I don’t feel like doing multiple parts, and it’s my blog so I do what I want.

I decided to start by my bed and work my way around the room (it’s a studio, so really it’s all one room haha). Credit to my mum and step-dad for helping get all this shelving in place and secured :]

These shelves house the majority of my mass-market paperbacks because they’re not strong enough to support much more. Weight capacity was not a thing I ever really considered as I double-stacked my shelves with piles of books. That is, until I had some older shelves buckle and start to bend sideways because I loaded them up with way more weight than they were designed to hold. Oops! I see shelf space and I need to fill it!

Here are various books by various authors. I’m not going to do an in-depth breakdown of what books are on what shelf, or a list of all the books I own, because there are too damn many and I’m not about to dedicate that amount of time to a blog post. 😀

A neat little knick knack that my Goth Girl gifted me ages ago.

This shelf does have some of my favorite authors, like Trudi Canavan, Robin McKinley, and some Garth Nix. Normally I keep all books by the same author together, but I separated my original Nix mass-markets of the Abhorsen series in the interest of making another shelf less crowded. And now they’re within reach in case I’m laying in bed and decide I need a to start a comfort re-read of one of my favorite series!

My home would be incomplete without at least one Snorlax! Next goal, one of those huge Snorlax pillow beds!

I’ve had this little pewter “box” for a very long time. One of the gems is missing from her other wing, but it’s ok because she can just model her good side. 😉

This is my book cart. It seems like all the cool kids on Instagram and YouTube have one and when my local craft store had one on sale for like $15, I ordered it. They didn’t have the lavender one I wanted, but a lot of decor around my place is teal so this works! Mine isn’t exactly photographic, but it does help me sort my review and book-box TBRs.

Is a book cart truly complete without a Lambchop stuffy, and Golden Girls and cat butt magnets!? Also please ignore my collection of unread Book of the Month books.

This is my vintage shelf, featuring Artemis, who doesn’t really seem to enjoy being photographed, but also refuses to get out of the way when I’m taking pictures.

Here are the vintage rainbow fairy books that I adopted from Mum, along with some art from Nicole that I framed (she’s excellent at sending me frame-able cards and such.)

My vintage books are the only ones I can put in rainbow order because I’m not concerned with any genres or keeping authors/series together (I don’t really have any series or repeat authors anyway.) I’d go insane if I tried to do this with the rest of my collection. As you can see, the blue and green section is the most popular.

Yes, that’s a possum reading a book. It’s a card, because my favorite way to get a lot of affordable art is to buy cards and frame them, and it has a little story about his character on the back.

This started out as my neatest shelf and has since become a bit more cluttered. I’m still happy with how it looks though and I’m going to try to keep from piling any more books on because I want a couple shelves to look “nice.”

More Pokemons, because, duh. Also, the picture of the blue-haired girl and her cats is a piece I had commissioned to represent Lilu, Artemis, and me. I love how cool we all look.

My owl light is from Ikea and his name is Kevin Solbo because Solbo is the product name.

My Pratchett and Gaiman shelf is probably going to need to relocate someday if I manage to obtain the entire Discworld series…or I’ll have to double-stack more books and ruin the aesthetic.

Vintage cat paperweight to further assert my dominance as a Crazy Cat Lady.

I’ve got a decent Pop collection and this is one of my favorites, Glo-Pan. (Any Big Trouble in Little China fans out there?) He never sees enough sunlight to charge, but he is capable of glowing in the dark.

This is my Austen and Tanith shelf – my two favorite lady writers! The cat tower has seen better days, but it helps Artemis reach the top of the bookshelf so she can scowl down at Lilu and me. A Very Important task.

These are basically all of my copies of Pride and Prejudice and collections of Austen’s other novels. I’d love to have them spaced out a bit more, to more easily admire all my lovely copies, but I’m pretty happy with the look. Those peacock heels are too small for me, but rather than get rid of them, I figured I’d use them as decor.

More art from Nicole.

Tiny Pride and Prejudice editions and another Austen-themed goodie from Nicole.

I love my cameo bookends and maybe someday will go back to actually using them as bookends.

This other shelf contains all of my Austen inspired books. I’ve even read some of them! 😀 Pemberly sign courtesy of…you guessed it, Nicole!

My Ducky gifted me the coasters, two of which I do actually place cups and glasses on, while the other four are lovely decorations.

Ta-da, it’s Tanith! I’m happy to be able to highlight the Tor reprints that are still slowly coming out (another is set to release later this month!) because they’re gorgeous. I feel a little guilty because I haven’t read any Tanith in a while and I have so many of her books to choose from. Eventually I’ll get back to them – I’m just happy to have the collection I do; it’s getting harder to find the books I don’t own.

I love this owl.

These elephant bookends used to belong to my grandparents.

A wolf (wolverine?) duck from my Ducky.

This is a vintage case that, as you can see, I use for storing many things (my most recent obsession are the gnomes from Target which I hunt for at Christmastime), including my Shakespeare collection.

A few more vintage books and notebooks, as well as some handmade wooden art from My Tiny Dad.

I’m only 10 books away from owning the entire Pelican Shakespeare collection! If you know any used booksellers that have them (reasonably priced lol), let me know! I’ve also started collecting the modern editions with art by Manuja Waldia.

My desk wouldn’t be complete without a pile of books, mostly vintage, and a collection of dust collectors. Yes, I need Gene Belcher! Well, Bob and Linda too, but at least Gene.

Here’s my big boy, my love, The Beast. Funnily enough, the apartment where I live now is where I first found him – he was brought to my room and has since moved five more times. I think I’ve mentioned this in prior posts, but the top shelf used to be cubes like all the others, but in order to move him into my first apartment, My Tiny Dad had to cut the top with a chainsaw to get The Beast to fit in the stairwell. 😥 Some of his shelves are starting to crack, but he’s a trooper.

Kermit is how I feel any time I think about the number of unread books I own. If you can’t see clearly, his mouth is agape (in a silent scream, I like to think) and his hands are gripping both sides of his head. The top shelf mostly hardcovers, no real rhyme or reason. Then I have my Sailor Moon cube, the rest of my Garth Nix collection, and my Grady Hendrix, Marie Brennan, and Michelle Moran collections.

I’ve tried to fill these cubes with my favorite authors and those I have large collections of. I’m still learning my new setup (believe it or not, at my old house I used to know what bookshelf and shelf or cube a book was located on, for the most part) so I thought this would make things a little easier. Easier at least than just jamming a bunch of authors on a shelf in a double-stacked free-for-all, which you’ll see later in this post.

More fan-service for you few Big Trouble in Little China fans.

Watch out, Winnie will put a spell on you!

My dream is to someday own the full set of Sailor Moon Pops. ❤

I have a thing for gnomes, but very a specific style of gnomes. The kind where you can’t see any of their face except their nose.

Here’s a smol shelf in the most poorly-lit area of my apartment. I think it’s pretty cute though.

Every time I think about how many more of these Penguin Drop Caps books I need, it makes me a little anxious. They’re pricey and too nice to read (therefore harder to justify buying), and I worry they’ll go out of print and become expensive and hard to find. 😡 But I bought these bookends specifically to highlight the collection. Must. Obtain. Them. All!

This is where Chuck Wendig, Robin Stevens, and Shannon Hale (minus my three copies of Austenland) live.

These are my modern editions of Alice in Wonderland, as well as inspired interpretations.

Here we have my vintage Alices, some board book classics, and my photo albums because I don’t have anywhere else to put them at the moment.

And here we have…a hot, steamy mess. 😀 These are custom shelves my step-dad built (I helped a tiny bit!) and unsurprisingly, they weren’t enough to house the rest of my massive collection. Until I can squeeze some more shelves in my apartment, those books living on and in bins are stuck there for now. I also don’t like the level of double-stacking I had to resort to in order to get that many books on the shelves, because it’s hard to see what’s on the shelves. I did loosely group books by genre, however, in a sad attempt to help myself learn where my books are in the event I actually want to read one.

In the top left I have some random fantasy and sci-fi novels and then moving right there are classics. On the second shelf, I have some more random stuff and then my comics/graphic novel section starts.

Up top (left), classics transition to non-fiction, to books about writing, to books about art, and art books and some in Chinese and Japanese. The second shelf is more comics/graphic novels.

In the top right, we have short story collections, and moving left is historical and contemporary fiction. The second shelf is all middle-grade.

The top is historical/contemporary fiction again and the bottom left is a little bit of fantasy and sci-fi and then even more middle grade. The rest of my fantasy and sci-fi books have sadly been relegated to the bins on the floor.

Me, when I think about where I’m going to put new books.

I love Edward Gorey’s work.

Owls and paper stars everywhere!

As a random bonus, here’s my tea cubby. I like vintage teapots and cups. Also Godzilla. My Tiny Dad bought him for me when I was little. He held on to him even after I stopped playing with it and gave it back to me after I moved into my old house. So…he lives here now. 😀

Yes, that’s a teapot shaped like a cat – you remove its head and that’s not creepy at all. Also, I painted that owl mug, but used a design I found on the internet, so don’t give me too much credit.

More tea, more owls, more Alice. The Alice teapot/cup combo was from Melissa and the tiny Alice set on the right is from…can you guess? Nicole! My friends have a pretty good idea of what I’m into.


Holy shit, if you made it this far, thanks for going on this journey with me. How do you organize your books? Do you even consider my system a form of organization? Are your shelves packed, cluttered, and scattered with knick knacks like mine, or do you have neat, Instagram-worthy, and possibly rainbow shelves?

13 thoughts on “Updated Bookshelf Tour”

  1. Wow, you have quite the collection! And I’m loving those mounted bookshelves on the wall and your paperbacks. There’s something so cozy about crinkly book spines that I just love 😍 Very pretty, darling 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The First Mate is a Big Trouble in Little China fan and he loved the Glo Pai. I don’t know what that is but it made me him laugh with delight. Yer shelves are awesome and a bit overwhelming! All of me books are stored in bins right now and it makes me sad. I miss having bookshelves and seeing all me loot at once.
    x The Captain

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yay, a fan! You should give that movie a watch if you can. It’s way more entertaining than Beastmaster. Yeah my shelves are a lot. Lol. My collection is outta control. For a long time after my move most of my books were boxed up so I know the feeling. Hopefully you can free your loot soon!


  3. Oh my gosh! I love your collection and how you have it all decorated. It’s so cute! And I love your teal book cart too with the cat butts, lol!
    And aww Snorlax. Great collection! And wow! So many books.

    Liked by 1 person

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