Judging A Book

Judging A Book By Its Cover: Warren the 13th (The Thirteen-Year Curse)

This is my weekly post where I highlight beautiful books from my collection. We all judge book covers to some extent (don’t lie, you totally do!) so I created this feature to showcase and admire the art and design elements of some of the books I own. If covers didn’t matter, publishers wouldn’t make so many wonderful editions!

I’m here today with the third book in the Warren the 13th series. I read the first book and enjoyed the story and the style, so of course, I bought the second. Then when I heard a third was coming out…well, I needed that too! Maybe one of these days I’ll actually read the other two…

These books are written by Tania Del Rio, created, and designed and illustrated by Will Staehle. This was published in 2020 by Quirk Books, ISBN: 9781683690900.

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