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Mini(bot) Reviews: Paper Love, I Believe In You, & Dog Mom

I’m happy to bring you three more books from Workman Publishing today because they’re always so cute and well-designed!

Thank you to Workman Publishing for sending me these books for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased reviews.

The Kids’ Book of Paper Love by Irene Smit and Astrid van der Hulst
My Edition: Paperback – 2019 – Workman – ISBN: 9781523508143

This book is essentially the kid’s version of A Book That Takes Time, but without the lessons on mindfulness. It’s full of papercraft and activities, from paper dolls to greeting cards, that can be done at any time. The activities are grouped into 4 chapters: Write (writing letters, making bookmarks, folding envelopes), Craft (pencil toppers, a 3D frame, hanging ornaments), Play (paper chain, fortune teller, paper terrarium), and Share (a rainbow notebook, valentines, stickers).

I know this book is intended for children, but I love papercrafts, cute stationery, stickers, and all that jazz. I’ll likely keep this one for myself and share the things I make with my pen pals. I would recommend this for children and adults that enjoy creating with paper.

Irene Smit: Workman Page
Astrid van der Hulst: Workman Page
Workman: WebsiteTwitterInstagram

I Believe in You by Sabrina Moyle and illustrated by Eunice Moyle
My Edition: Hardcover – 2020 – Workman – ISBN: 9781523507481

This is an adorable children’s book about a supportive unicorn encouraging their crocodile (alligator???) friend to try new things. It’s about how it’s ok to stumble, get mad, and be scared when trying new things and how having a friend who believes in you can help.

Like the other books I’ve seen from the Moyle sisters, I love the art style and the message and think this is another great book for young children and early readers.

Sabrina Moyle: WebsiteTwitter
Eunice Moyle: Website

Dog Mom: A Love Story written and illustrated by Isabel Serna
My Edition: Hardcover – 2020 – Workman – ISBN: 9781523508105

This is one of those cute, little nightstand/coffee table books for dog lovers. There’s plenty of art and little sayings and jokes about being a dog mom. I enjoy the simplistic art style and bold colors. It also comes with some stickers in the back.

I gifted this to a friend of mine and she was delighted. Definitely worth picking up if you need a little gift for the dog lover in your life!

Isabel Serna: Workman PageInstagram

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