Austen Month, Book Review

Book and TV Series Review: Sanditon

Approximately 400 years ago (because the beginning of February is clearly from a different timeline than the one we’re currently in) I watched PBS’s Sanditon miniseries. I also read the unfinished novel. Initially, my plan was to pop-off about the show because I have a lot of Thoughts. But now life is weird and I’m tired, so this will be a much less detailed review.

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Austen Month

Austen Month TBR/TBW

It’s February so that means in my world it’s Austen Month! If you’re new here, I focus on Jane Austen’s work and work inspired by her in February because…well, mostly because! My weak reasoning is that her books focus on romance and February has Valentine’s Day and also I love all things Austen. So, lots of love…February…that’s the connection. Mostly it’s just habit now.

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