Book Review

Book Review: Burntown

pic from Netgalley

By Jennifer McMahon

My Edition:
ARC e-book, 304 pages
2017, Doubleday
ISBN: 9780385541367 (hardcover)

Necco has lived on the streets of a New England town ever since her father and brother died because of the mysterious ghost telephone her father constructed. Necco and her mother joined a clan of “fire eaters” – mystical women who use a drug called the Devil’s Snuff to see the future – but after her mother’s suicide, Necco left the company of the other women to live on her own in an abandoned car. When her boyfriend, Hermes, is murdered while they slept, Necco finds herself on the run from a man called Snake Eyes – the man who was after her father’s machine and is now after her. Necco finds her life intertwined with that of Theo, a high school girl who owes a man a lot of money for the drugs she was selling for him and Pru, a lunch lady who dreams of life at the circus.  As the three women try to outwit Snake Eyes, Necco’s past is revealed to be far darker than she ever imagined.

This book is really hard to describe.

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