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Re-Review: The Ables

The Ables
By Jeremy Scott

My Edition:
ARC paperback, 399 pages
2019 reprint, Turner Publishing
ISBN: 9781684423361

Thank you to Turner Publishing for sending me this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

Phillip and his family just moved to the town of Freepoint, NY, but before he can start at his new school, his dad has “the talk” with him. Only this talk isn’t about the birds and the bees – it’s about Phillip’s superpowers. Excited to find that superheroes are real and his telekinesis makes him one, Phillip is ready for a new school year in a town populated with heroes and their helpers. His excitement dims when he discovers he’s been put into the special ed class; in addition to being a telekinetic, he’s also blind. When the school announces a training competition open to all students except those with disabilities, Phillip and his classmates band together to fight for their right to compete and prove that those with disabilities are just as powerful as those without.

This was a reread for me and I enjoyed the story more the second time around!

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