Life of a Book Hoarder

28 Best Books of 2018

I love being excited about books I love and of course I enjoy recommending reads to people and sharing our mutual love for great books. It’s maybe not as fun as trashing bad books, but you can’t have the bad without the good!

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Life of a Book Hoarder

Annotated: The City of Dreaming Books

I’m slowly adjusting to the idea of writing in (some of) my books. I don’t always have a lot to say – in the case of City of Dreaming Books, I mostly underlined or highlighted passages that had meaning or were particularly descriptive. But this is one of my favorite books and since I have two copies, I figured I’d mark up my well-loved paperback edition.

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Life of a Book Hoarder

To Read or Re-Read?

I don’t know about you, but I know I’ve mentioned before that my TBR pile is massive (literally hundreds of books) and I’m trying to read at least 100 books a year, just to keep up with my ever-growing collection. But sometimes I’m overwhelmed by my options and have a hard time deciding what to read next. Sometimes I just need a break – but I can’t just stop reading.

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