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On Ghostwriting

You might have perused my January posts where I re-read some R.L. Stine books. If you haven’t – or you’ve blocked my insane rants from your memory – I discovered that this Fear Street Sagas series was ghostwritten. Entirely, I believe. Now that I’ve calmed down, I wanted to share some thoughts.

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Book Review

R.L. Stine Retrospective – Part 3: Superstitious

Here it is, guys, the piece de resistance, the third and final part of this suck-fest, the crown jewel of this shitstorm: R.L. Stine’s debut adult novel, Superstitious! Prepare yourself for adult language in this adult review of this totally for adults book.

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Book Review

R.L Stine Retrospective – Part 1: The Sign of Fear

I love to revisit nostalgic reads I enjoyed as a kid and teen. Some, I continue to love throughout the years (Blood and Chocolate & The Witch of Blackbird Pond) and others don’t hold up so well (sorry, Artemis Foul Fowl). Recently, I embarked on a quest to re-read two childhood R.L. Stine favorites of mine (aside from basically the entire Goosebumps series) and try out his debut adult novel.

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