Monthly Wrap Up

October Wrap Up


In October I read 12 books for a total of 2,645 pages and an average of 85 pages per day. Of the 12, 5 were audiobooks – see, I’m giving them a fair chance – though I’m running out of ones I want to listen to that don’t have a million-week wait list. Sigh. I’ve also DNF’d a whopping 3 books this month! Hi-yah!

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Monthly Wrap Up

September Wrap Up


This month I read 18 books for a total of 3,711 pages and an average of 124 pages per day. Whew! I’m still experimenting with audiobooks and while I’m more interested in listening to them, I’m still really picky (for instance, I hated the voices in The Hobbit). My favorites this month were The Punch Escrow and Sea of Rust and I couldn’t be happier to finally be done with the damn Dark Tower series. UGH.

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Monthly Wrap Up

August Wrap Up

In August I read 15 books for a total of 3,361 pages and an average of 118 pages per day. I actually listened to 4 audiobooks this month – I’m still experimenting to see if they’re something “for me.” As of right now, I’m still mostly listening to books I’ve already read or ones I’m only half interested in because I only half pay attention when listening. The standout book of the month for me was Cold Counsel. I’m still dragging my feet along the path of the Beam, slowly but surely. I’ve also added DNF number 6 to my list (though I still think I’m missing at least one from before I started tracking this.)

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