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Do you Auto-Buy Your Favorite Authors?


We all have our favorite authors – those writers whose work we need to own or read all of. I’m moving soon and my blogging has taken a back seat, but I wanted to post a little something anyway. Talking about my favorite authors is easy, and I’d love to hear some of yours!

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Book Review

Book Review: The King’s Curse

The King’s Curse
By Philippa Gregory

Not My Edition:
Hardcover, 612 pages
2014, Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9781451626117

This is the sixth book and conclusion of the Cousins’ War series, revolving around the feud between the York and Tudor branches of the royal family in England. This book is told from the perspective of Margaret of York, cousin to the late queen Elizabeth of York, who was the wife of Henry VII. Now it is Henry VIII who is taking the throne and Margaret witnesses his reign as both friend and enemy as Henry grows from boy to man and changes the foundation of royalty and the church.

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Book Review

Book Review: The White Princess

The White Princess (Cousins’ War book 5)
By Philippa Gregory

My Edition:
Paperback, 528 pages
2013, Touchstone
ISBN: 9781451626100

Considering this is the fifth book in the series and I haven’t posted a review on any of the others, I thought I’d just do a quick review. This whole series focuses on the war between the houses of York and Lancaster over the throne of England. In this book we follow Elizabeth of York, recently wedded to Henry VII of Tudor. There’s the mystery of Elizabeth’s two missing brothers, Edward and Richard, as Henry fights to keep the crown he won in battle when he defeated Elizabeth’s uncle Richard.

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